Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ah, yeah, I'm Still Here...

Sorry, haven't posted in a while - long story as to why... Work. That would sum it up the most succinctly! Oh, but everyone of you should know, without a doubt, that work HAS NOT interfered with my baby boy's time with me. I have simply worked later in the evenings.

I am living my mantra - "Protect the time and space to carry out your dreams." I will do my utmost to avoid short-changing my child.

OK, on to baby stuff, then I'm off to bed!!!!!

Jim has done 1, 2, 3, um maybe 4... oh hell, WHO KNOWS how many wonderful things since we last talked!

Two weeks ago he started consistently rolling from his belly to his tummy. YAY!
This week, he started rolling from his back to his tummy! DOUBLE YAY!
Today, he rolled way far away from me (about 2 ft), then decided to come back. Unfortunately, you could see his confusion when rolling didn't bring him closer to me. He had rolled allright, but it was in the wrong direction. Oops. He hasn't figured out how to switch gears and come back. LOL

Two weeks ago Jim said one of the most beautiful things I thought I had ever heard...


Which was followed very closely by the second most beautiful thing I have ever heard...


My hubby is so proud! At this point he VERY CLEARLY says Daa Dee. Inflection on both D's.

Then, last week, he said what was deffinately the really, truly, most wonderful thing I've ever heard.... He was sitting in his Da Dee's lap, crying, looking longingly at me, and through tears and a pouty lip he said

bmo bmo bmo bmo mo ma bma mo mo bma ma mo ma

He started out slow, but it was very, very clearly Mo ma. Wow. The little interspersed B sounds are terribly cute. :)

At this point he says Mo ma, and it is mostly when he wants my attention, or when his Da Dee is holding him and he wants me instead. When he's with me, he asks for Da Dee.

It is really great around our house. Really.


I love my boy like no other. He breathes warmth and love into my soul everytime he smiles.