Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitchen Update

... I wondered if no one liked my post... then I figured out I didn't actually HIT POST!

I'm pretty proud of myself this week... I set out to make some decisions re: the kitchen, and to get Miss M's closet all arranged for the fall/winter.

I managed to finish:

  1. A flowchart of tasks created to complete the kitchen!  YAY!
    1. I have a checklist of people to call  +1 point
    2. I have to have a checklist to remember all the people to call  -1 point
  2. All of Miss M's Fall clothes are sorted and hung up as necessary!  +1 point !
    1. I culled out all her 18 mo clothes!  +1 point !
    2. I still need to cull her clothes so there are WAY less outfits for me to manage - 1 point Boo Hiss!
    3. However, everything is hung by season (still Summer, early Fall, Late Fall, Winter).  +1 point !
  3. My office files are ALMOST all sorted into 1 external hanging folder. 
    1. Why does this matter you ask?  I can get rid of a large filing cabinet that no longer works with my life or decor. It is storing a LOT of extra baggage, but very little useful material.
    2. I am able to find my key documents, and possibly get them into my fire-resistant file box.
    3. I feel like I know where my towel is. :)
  4. Putting some of my cooking equipment back in the kitchen, because it is going to be another 3+ weeks before the new cabinets are ready. I'm so done living out of boxes.
  5. Almost done making 3 major decisions - feel free to comment:
    1. What color should the walls be? 
      1. I like a French Country look... I'm leaning either:
        1. Blue, light yellow, with some Red
        2. The current apple green.
        3. Yellow with Red and green accents
    2. Wood or vinyl tile in the kitchen?  It is an eat-in kitchen, very large.
    3. What kind of counter-top material to get. (I am not a fan of granite, it is pretty, but I drop things too often - hate the breakage).
On to another week!

  • I plan to schedule a quote for getting a new gas line (new stove). 
  • Finalize plans for the flooring.
  • Break open a wall to find out how deep my new pantry will be.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Testing, Testing! Anyone out there still have me on their blogroll?

Hey Guys!  I'm back!

I think I might have finally adjusted to being a Mom of Two. Only took 1 yr 9 mos. Not so bad, considering.

So, I'm starting up the home improvement projects, trying to put my life back together a bit. I've let the house get a bit out-of-control, and in doing so have found that I am a bit overwhelmed. I feel like the walls are pressing in on me, and I'm unable to think/move/do anything but be stressed about it.

So, I'm working on de-cluttering, which is helping with my state of mind. I'm finding more energy, and I'm less interested in being a slug.

Here are the things on the agenda for the next few weeks:

Redo the kitchen, as the result of a minor flood from the dishwasher.
  1. Get the kitchen dry - completed
  2. Get bids from 3 contractors to repair/replace the cabinets
  3. Get kitchen designs from cabinet retailers, just in case we are replacing the kitchen 
  4. Pick a new floor type - wood or vinyl, no ceramic for me
  5. Get flooring bids for wood and vinyl tile
  6. Decide if I want to take the opportunity to change the wall color
  7. Convince myself that now is a good time to paint the ceiling
  8. Rip out an existing Pantry and non-load bearing wall to make more overall counter space
  9. Pick a counter top material/finish
  10. Learn how to feed my family well without a kitchen (no oven, no cooktop, and only a tiny bit of cabinet and counterspace)
  11. Come to terms with 4 - 6 more weeks without a kitchen
Repair the Foundation:
Water damage on the OTHER end of the house, unrelated, has caused settling of the foundation. sigh. We have had a structural engineer look at the damage and make a recommendation.
  1. Get bids from 4 contractors
  2. Choose a contractor
  3. pay a bazillion dollars
  4. Hope my house doesn't fall down during the repairs.