Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Awards, Info and Interviews...

I got an award today from Stacie, one of those bloggers I consider a friend. She's been there for me, helping stay sane, since that very first peestick. What more can you ask?

I am officially a:

I have a few to nominate for their own awards:

Henry Street - Rachel is one of those people that you are glad to know. She tells her story frankly with quite a bit of the benind the scenes info that makes her choices, struggles and trails come to life for the reader. I've enjoyed getting to know her.

The Hardest Quest - Gil is one of those ladies that is there for you, always. She has had a rough time of it with IF, and is looking over what her next steps might be. I hope she finds the Golden Ticket to complete her journey. Through the early part of my IVF I looked forward to posting partly to see Gil's ever-present response. She always knew how to make me feel better. Thanks, Gil!

Reproductive Jeans - JJ has probably already gotten this award 10 times, but hey, who's counting? She's there for you. Really, she is there for everyone. Everytime I look at someone's comments it seems like JJ has already been there, saying just the right thing. Her blog is funny, thoughtful and full of her happiest and saddest moments. She is a Rockin' Blogger if there ever was one.

OH! You just HAVE to go see what Rachel over at Henry Street has made!! She's got the cutest little hats she knits, and she is thinking of selling them. Let her know if you think she should setup a site selling them... I personally am in love with these little hats. I gotta have one. :)

Go over and see Mel at Stirrup Queens if you are interested in participating in her research for her book - she's conducting email interviews. Here's info on how to get involved, I've copied the instructions, per Mel:

"Speaking of the book, I am finally at the chapter on treatments since I'm writing all chapters out-of-order. Which means another round of online interviews. If you are currently undergoing treatments OR you have undergone treatments in the past--anything from IUI without injectibles to IVF with ICSI--and wouldn't mind chatting about your experience with me (and, in turn, anonymously with anyone who reads the book), please email me at thetowncriers@gmail.com and I will send you the question sheet "

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow! What was that??

I felt it, I felt the Bump last night!!! Whoo hoo!

I was lying in bed and felt a sensation in my lower abdomen that was like feeling fingers moving through a taught cloth. That, or like I was really, really hungry (without the hunger pains) and my stomach was rolling over. However, it was WAY to low to be my stomach.

I have had this feeling very lightly off and on for about a week, and wondered if that might be it, but had usually decided it was just gass. This time it was so pronounced and strong that I am SURE it was the baby.

I told Bo and his face just lit up. He is so excited, even though he can't feel it yet.

It is starting to be real. I am starting to really show too. Wow!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Coding A Little Nerd, Right Now...

My hubby, Bo, pointed out to me last night that we are creating our own little nerd. I couldn't help but imagine how buggy my developers' code has been at work in recent months. I'm sure hoping I don't make any bugs while coding our little nerd!

So, thanks to The Rotten Correspondent I have taken the new and improved Nerd Test 2.0!

Here are my results:
NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

That's right folks, I am an UBER COOL NERD GOD(ess)!!! I called hubby with the news. He was so proud! :)

I scored in the top 2% for math/science and the bottom 9% for dorkiness! How much cooler can you be I ask you?!?!

I am so proud.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some Interesting Events/Thoughts...

I thought I'd capture some interesting stuff that happened recently...

1) After the great US results on Friday the 31st we were all sort-of giddy about the Bump. We were recapping the US with Bo, and I told them all, "Friday was the first time I have felt carefree and happy during this whole preganancy. It felt very good." To which my mother scoffed. I couldn't believe it, and neither could Bo. You could have knocked us both over with the wind from the same feather at 50 paces!

We tried to explain that the 3 early miscarriages left us with that "other shoe will drop soon" kind of feeling. She said something to the effect of "Things are fine now, why worry? Nothing is going to happen to this baby. You should relax. Stress isn't good for the baby!"

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I tried a couple of times to explain how infertility changes your outlook. She was having NONE. of. it! I was angry with her for 3 days over this incident - I never told her though, as she is not going to understand and there was no reason to upset an otherwise really great visit. That, and she DID by the Bump the BESTEST most Softest EVER baby blanket. It even matches the nursery colors! Awwwww!

2) My Daddy DID come into the US room with us! I was SHOCKED when the US tech told him he was welcome to come back WITHOUT asking me for my thoughts on the matter! All I could imagine was the dildocam and my Dad there for it. OMG!

Of course, I felt way better when she saw my shocked face, leaned over and said very quietly, "It's external." Whew! She and I giggled the whole way to the US room! LOL She obviously knew what had me so nervous! LOL

3) My pants needed replacing recently... I am now wearing "granny pants" to work. That's because I can't button some of my pants without real discomfort. However, some previously parts of the pants are now loose from all the weight loss (25 lbs and counting).

I've talked with all my Dr.s about the weight loss. They've all asked if I was eating plenty - which I am, and Bo agrees with that assessment. They've then all said it isn't an issue given my current weight (I'm quite overweight). They expect the weight to start adding up soon and aren't going to worry if I don't start gaining weight for some months yet. OK. Works for me!

I figure I'll end up with a net zero gain at worst, but could be a few pounds lighter at the end at best. I'm not trying to loose weight mind you, it is just falling off - we think from the more careful food choices and less sweets. Always a good thing when trying to avoid gestational diabeties!

4) I'm not really looking the look of my tummy right now. It is looking more fat than Bump at the moment. I sure hope it ends up rounding out, and not just adding pooch like some larger ladies. :( Who knows what will happen...

5) I got "PG outed" at a baby shower at work!

I mean, some people already knew, but MAN!

So, I'm standing in front of the 50 or so people that have turned out for the happy couple's baby shower, when the Lady of the Hour announces, "It seems I've started a trend. Dawn is next in line! Dawn, when are you due again?". I turned to the crowd, and saw that I had quickly become the center of attention. I quietly said "early March" and then listened to all the murmers and gasps at the news. Oooops! Sounds like the news missed a few people on the first go-round! :) Unfortunately, one person actually said, "Dawn's pregnant!?!?" She sounded rather incredulous at the news. When I find out who she is I'll be sure to kick her.

6) I'm feeling less nauseous and more happy with being pregnant in general. Sometimes I still forget, which is weird. Then the nausea comes back and I'm like, Oh Yeah!

7) Gas, gas, who knew the body could produce so much gas?!?!? Ugh! My hubby has nothing on me!

8) I'm tired, it is late (or early) and I need to go to bed but I have heartburn again. Ugh!

Goodnight! Hope you enjoyed my brain dump!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Results Are In!

We got the results from the Triple Screen for Downs, Tri.somy 18 and Tri.somy 13.

Risk of Down Syndrome:

Baseline Risk (before test) 1 in 316
Current Risk (after test) 1 in 1,137 <--- Folks that is a whoo hoo kind of number!

Tris.omy 18 and 13:

Baseline Risk 1 in 579
Current Risk 1 in 10,000 +

The nurse said "These numbers equal that of a 20 yr old! You are doing GREAT!".

I had a great time calling Bo and giving him the good news! He was quite pleased, to say the least! These kinds of numbers mean no Amnio for me - that in itself is a great bessing!

Whoooo Hoooo!!!

Gonna go call Mom and Dad!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

All Seems Well for The Moment... Updated

We saw baby pretty clearly! It really looked soooo much like an actual baby, no longer a gummy bear.

We were able to clearly make out fingers on both hands, and that there seem to be two full legs. :) We couldn't see the feet because of the position, but everything looked good, according to the Dr.

The technician tried and tried to get the baby to move to get the needed measurements - bouncing it around just like dribbling a basketball! I couldn't belive what I was seeing and feeling! Here I was being so terribly careful, protecting my baby from bounces and such, and here she was bouncing it like it was made of rubber!

I made some noises about whether that was OK, and she said, "At least I don't do it as hard as the doctors do!". Little comfort that. I told her I thought I might hurt someone if they did it harder. I explained about the protective nature I have developed lately. :) She laughed, but lightened up a bit.

They were eventually able to get a look at the nuchal fold, and it measured right on track. They weren't able to get the nose length, as the baby was in the wrong position. They tried quite The blood work will not be back for about a week, so until then we'll just wait.

I have some great pictures (will post once I've scanned it), and supposedly a video (haven't tried to watch it yet). Bo isn't home yet, and I want to be sure if the VHS player eats it that he at least gets a chance to see it once. He's already said he wants to try to digitize it, so maybe I'll get to post it here.

Thank you guys for all the well wishes!