Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some Interesting Events/Thoughts...

I thought I'd capture some interesting stuff that happened recently...

1) After the great US results on Friday the 31st we were all sort-of giddy about the Bump. We were recapping the US with Bo, and I told them all, "Friday was the first time I have felt carefree and happy during this whole preganancy. It felt very good." To which my mother scoffed. I couldn't believe it, and neither could Bo. You could have knocked us both over with the wind from the same feather at 50 paces!

We tried to explain that the 3 early miscarriages left us with that "other shoe will drop soon" kind of feeling. She said something to the effect of "Things are fine now, why worry? Nothing is going to happen to this baby. You should relax. Stress isn't good for the baby!"

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I tried a couple of times to explain how infertility changes your outlook. She was having NONE. of. it! I was angry with her for 3 days over this incident - I never told her though, as she is not going to understand and there was no reason to upset an otherwise really great visit. That, and she DID by the Bump the BESTEST most Softest EVER baby blanket. It even matches the nursery colors! Awwwww!

2) My Daddy DID come into the US room with us! I was SHOCKED when the US tech told him he was welcome to come back WITHOUT asking me for my thoughts on the matter! All I could imagine was the dildocam and my Dad there for it. OMG!

Of course, I felt way better when she saw my shocked face, leaned over and said very quietly, "It's external." Whew! She and I giggled the whole way to the US room! LOL She obviously knew what had me so nervous! LOL

3) My pants needed replacing recently... I am now wearing "granny pants" to work. That's because I can't button some of my pants without real discomfort. However, some previously parts of the pants are now loose from all the weight loss (25 lbs and counting).

I've talked with all my Dr.s about the weight loss. They've all asked if I was eating plenty - which I am, and Bo agrees with that assessment. They've then all said it isn't an issue given my current weight (I'm quite overweight). They expect the weight to start adding up soon and aren't going to worry if I don't start gaining weight for some months yet. OK. Works for me!

I figure I'll end up with a net zero gain at worst, but could be a few pounds lighter at the end at best. I'm not trying to loose weight mind you, it is just falling off - we think from the more careful food choices and less sweets. Always a good thing when trying to avoid gestational diabeties!

4) I'm not really looking the look of my tummy right now. It is looking more fat than Bump at the moment. I sure hope it ends up rounding out, and not just adding pooch like some larger ladies. :( Who knows what will happen...

5) I got "PG outed" at a baby shower at work!

I mean, some people already knew, but MAN!

So, I'm standing in front of the 50 or so people that have turned out for the happy couple's baby shower, when the Lady of the Hour announces, "It seems I've started a trend. Dawn is next in line! Dawn, when are you due again?". I turned to the crowd, and saw that I had quickly become the center of attention. I quietly said "early March" and then listened to all the murmers and gasps at the news. Oooops! Sounds like the news missed a few people on the first go-round! :) Unfortunately, one person actually said, "Dawn's pregnant!?!?" She sounded rather incredulous at the news. When I find out who she is I'll be sure to kick her.

6) I'm feeling less nauseous and more happy with being pregnant in general. Sometimes I still forget, which is weird. Then the nausea comes back and I'm like, Oh Yeah!

7) Gas, gas, who knew the body could produce so much gas?!?!? Ugh! My hubby has nothing on me!

8) I'm tired, it is late (or early) and I need to go to bed but I have heartburn again. Ugh!

Goodnight! Hope you enjoyed my brain dump!!!


Natalie said...

Your mother? CRAZY. I mean come on!! How could you not understand being worried?? Dang.

Sorry for being publically "outed" at work. :) Sounds a little humorous, though!!

Samantha said...

At least the "outing" happened after you have started to feel more comfortable with the pregnancy!

Furrow said...

My outing was via a mass email from a coworker. SOoooo embarrassing, but still, some people didn't know for a few months afterward.

As for your mother, I don't may people can truly understand unless they've been through it. It bothered me when my mother refused to acknowledge Mother's Day as special for me, even though I was 4 months pregnant, because she said I wasn't "a mother yet." Hell yes, I was/am!

Ann said...

I hear ya with the gas. It can be pretty uncomfortable feeling so bloated.

Those who haven't gone through IF can never, ever understand why we're so afraid. Even my mother, who was my closest ally, can't understand why I can't just let go. Your mother is the norm, not the exception, unfortunately.