Saturday, September 1, 2007

All Seems Well for The Moment... Updated

We saw baby pretty clearly! It really looked soooo much like an actual baby, no longer a gummy bear.

We were able to clearly make out fingers on both hands, and that there seem to be two full legs. :) We couldn't see the feet because of the position, but everything looked good, according to the Dr.

The technician tried and tried to get the baby to move to get the needed measurements - bouncing it around just like dribbling a basketball! I couldn't belive what I was seeing and feeling! Here I was being so terribly careful, protecting my baby from bounces and such, and here she was bouncing it like it was made of rubber!

I made some noises about whether that was OK, and she said, "At least I don't do it as hard as the doctors do!". Little comfort that. I told her I thought I might hurt someone if they did it harder. I explained about the protective nature I have developed lately. :) She laughed, but lightened up a bit.

They were eventually able to get a look at the nuchal fold, and it measured right on track. They weren't able to get the nose length, as the baby was in the wrong position. They tried quite The blood work will not be back for about a week, so until then we'll just wait.

I have some great pictures (will post once I've scanned it), and supposedly a video (haven't tried to watch it yet). Bo isn't home yet, and I want to be sure if the VHS player eats it that he at least gets a chance to see it once. He's already said he wants to try to digitize it, so maybe I'll get to post it here.

Thank you guys for all the well wishes!


Anonymous said...

Great news, Dawn!

Samantha said...

I'm glad things are moving along on track! I guess maybe this also means you don't have to worry about being so protective :)

furrow said...

Sounds wonderful! i hope we get to see some pics.

And I know what you mean about the roughness. I can't believe how hard my midwife squeezes on my poor girl's head to see what position she is in.

Gemini Girl said...

Was I right or what (about the nt scan being the best way to take a look at your baby!)?

Even recent ultrasound pics that I have done today look like crap compared to the nt scan pics.

I am so glad everything seems ok with your little one.
I remember them also bouncing my tummy to get them to move. My kids seemed aggrivated that they were being bothered.

Cant wait to see the pics!

Mary Ellen said...

That is awesome news!! Congrats!

topcat said...

Ohhh, beautiful pic!! That's so fantastic! :)