Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And Now... the REST of the Story

Well folks, I'm sure you heard the sad news that Paul Harvey died. I, for one, will never forget his wonderful voice - I could listen to him for hours. I really do use the "and now...the rest of the story" tag line in my speach. I think it is funny, and I typically get a big smile when I say it - partly because I very clearly hear Paul Harvey in my head.
So long Paul... too bad I never got to know you beyond that of an announcer and his audience. You leave the world an archive of you special sound - may you never be forgotten.
And Now... the REST of the [Bandaid] Story...
...I got my just rewards the first night with the new stitches. At about 3 AM the boy woke up screaming in pain because he'd been laying on his boo boo, so I snuggled him in bed with me, where he proceeded to unhappily flail about, which ended with him smacking himself in the eye really hard.
Yeah, he smacked THAT eye!
He howeled like I've never heard, so I looked quickly and thought he'd opened his wound back up. I yelled for hubby to help me stop the bleeding while I fumbled for the miniature bedside light.
When I got the light fully on, and convinced Jim to stop flailing like a landed fish, I found that I didn't need help afterall - it was the damned bandaid!  I, who so heartily laughed at others who were fooled by his 'bacon', had thought he was bleeding heavily.
Stupid bandaid.
Of course, I did have a good laugh at myself. Poetic justice - it stings sweetly.
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