Thursday, July 29, 2010

Updates, conversations, and comfort

All went well with the scan on Monday, fluid looked good and Dr is pleased, which of course pleases me!

Little Miss was doing lots of moving and stretching - grabbing toes and sucking her thumb. Awwwwww.

Later in the day I called on of my brothers to give him grief. He owes me dates for a possible summer weekend trip. We up talking over the issue of infertility, costs, and insurance. He sees IF coverage as a perk, but seemed to reconsider when he realized I would have no Jim without the aid of insurance. Not only that, but my IF issue is a treatable condition! If someone had told me 6 years ago that I just had to take shots to get/stay PG who knows how different my little life would be.

So I've converted my non-believer for the month...

On to comfort... I'm not getting much of that lately. My belly seems to object to me standing up in the evenings. Objects as in major unpleasant tightening up to and including stomach upset. Ugh. As i understand it- Little Miss is head-down, so some of this is just from being kicked in the stomach after-dinner entertainment.

I'm just trying to hang in and not look too closely at how far it is to Nov. I should just hush, shouldn't I? Sigh. It isn't really that far.

Then there's the pelvic pain- sometimes it feels like my pelvis is going to spontaneously separate at any moment while walking. This happened with Jim, so I kinda know where it is headed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

21W 5D - Hanging in...

I'm still here... Starting to get pretty frequent kicks from Little Miss. :)

Most of you wouldn't know this, but I get quite when things aren't great. So, while I've thought of blogging, I haven't had the gumption to do it. It's been hard to know what to say. I can't seem to shake the "dropping the other shoe" feeling. I just can't.

I have an OB Peri appt tomorrow to check on my fluid levels - you think I could get an oil change and tire rotation while I'm there?

Seriously... They are a bit concerned about low fluid levels this go-round. Last time, for those that don't have a chart with all my gyno history in it, I had Pre-Prom, which isn't as fun as it was when I was 17.

Pre-Prom is short for some long medical term that means too much fluid and a possiblity of severe and potentially catastrophic failure of the membrane/placenta. If it had ruptured prematurely my son could have been... well, let's just say it would have been very bad. I'll not go into details.

So, this time, it seems that Little Miss is not getting enough fluid, and it is likely due to the bloodclotting issue. I've been told to drink more water. If that hasn't done the trick by tomorrow's scan, I'll likely have to up the # of shots per day of blood thinner. If that doesn't work, I'm going to be put on bed rest. Really.

All I can do is try and imagine that... Bed rest, for me, because of clotting issues? Huh? Doesn't sound right. Anyway - we'll cross that mattress when we come to it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still Here - Still PG!

I'm still around! I'm just doing my best to survive right now - my home and work seem to be contriving to kill me slowly. I'm just hanging in and hanging on.

In baby news... Have you guys ever noticed that when you use a doppler to find the BB's heartbeat that the baby gets all unhappy and starts moving to try to get away? Honestly...

Jim did that, I was SURE of it at the time. Now this one is doing it too. I think my baby can hear it and is FREAKED OUT by it. He/She was just hanging out, being chill, but then the doppler came on and he/she started jumping all over the place. Specifically, there was a distinct movement AWAY from the doppler. I swear it.

In other baby news... I am ALMOST 19 wks. I can't believe it! My hubby sent me a text to say that 2 of the ladies at his office asked if we'd be interested in attending a baby shower. I replied, "Sure, who's it for?". I think you'll be amazed to know that his answer wasn't "Duh!".

Do you think I still haven't let myself be convinced we are having another kiddo in the house in 4-ish months?

In Sister-In-Law news...
Thanks for all the suggestions! Turns out she and my brother managed to nix all of them through my Mom's emails to me. Sigh. HOWEVER, she confided in my Mom that she needed new necklaces - ones that would cover her scar and wouldn't be heavy on her neck.

So, yesterday a salesperson, Jim, and I frolicked and played in a GREAT accessories shop we have just 2 mins down the road from me. I bought her 7 necklaces, most have matching earrings too! I brought them home and wrapped them in pretty paper... I'm sending them along with a card to tell her to give away any of them she doesn't care for.

I feel awesome that I can give her something she wants.

BEST NEWS YET... They said her thyroid cancer is the "good" kind, if that is possible with cancer. She really might come out of this OK. The cancer was fully encapsulated, but they are going to do radiation treatments to get any cells that might have escaped.

I'm not sure I ever mentioned it, but my brother (her husband) broke my heart some weeks ago... He asked me if I'd agree to be guardian of their son if something happened to him. Of COURSE I agreed, but it is hard to remember that email without tearing up. I sure hope this cancer report means that future is less-likely for him. While I'd love him like my own, I would greatly prefer that my brother and SIL remain fully capable of taking care of their son well into his mid-life crisis. :)