Friday, October 29, 2010

Miss M Is Here!

If you would, go over to Stacie's blog Here Storkey Storkey for info and updates temporarily.

Mommy's had a long day...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update, GD Hospital Food Anyone?

So, I'm in my room... Baby is doing great on the monitor!  Yay!

I've been keeping in touch with the outside world giving updates and getting things done. Can't get a stable connection via my laptop, but I'm rockin my Droid. :)

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and concern... It means a lot to know you guys are  out there rooting for me and my little girl! 

Speaking of which, I just had an uplifting conversation with Stacie, of Here Storky. Thanks so much for the chat girlfriend! 

So, dinner is served... What are we having? A GD dinner was ordered for me...  Hmmm....
- A roll - high glycemic index, check!
- Apple sauce - high glycemic, ck!
- Apple juice - hg index, ck!
- Rice, plain (we wouldn't want any spice to get on there, would we?) - very high glycemic index, double-check!
- Cooked carrots, totally plain, thank you very much - also very high glycemic index, double-check!
- Piece of over-cooked lightly spiced chicken - whew! Thought they weren't going to sneak anything healthy in there!  Just made it!

So, I sent it back. I just hope this crushed ice isn't all I get until hubby gets here.


On My Way!

Odd NST results led to an US.
Low fluid led to questions about when I ate last.
Both things led to me sitting in L&D getting assigned to a room.

C-section is tomorrow morning!

Baby says Boooooo first thing tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Celebration Mash-up

My wonderful coworkers threw me a full-fledged Baby Shower party with balloons and the whole 9. 

During the shower 2 of the ladies insisted hubby and I stand, then they brought over the cake... We were given a cake knife and then there was some distraction about where the candle went... I started giggling a little because I was thinking it sounded like it was someone's birthday...

They apparently couldn't find the candle, so decided the cherry on the cake would have to suffice... Which confused the crowd greatly...

I started giggling harder  (and was not alone) when we were instructed to hold hands while we cut the cake. Hubby says, "Didn't we do that already? This seems familiar"...

Laughter in the group started to really build...

Then one of the two ladies starts clapping and singing, "Happy baby shower to you..." to the tune of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow". I started laughing so hard I had to sit down.

So we had a WONDERFUL baby-shower-wedding-birthday-congratulations-on-the-great-job shower!

I love these people!

P.S. If you didn't figure it out for yourself, the two ladies are not originally from this country, but I'm so thankful they are here and love me enough to throw me such a great party.

Monday, October 18, 2010

All's well by morning light

All's well.  By morning my boy wanted nothing more than to be with mommy. Hubby and I were at a loss for words.

Today we plan to go shopping for cheap Halloween  decorations, because I've lost my mind and invited people to my home for a party next Saturday night.

Yes, You read that right... I'm throwing a party at my home at 35 wks PG. I think this is the difference between a new Mom and a seasoned Mom. Either that, our I'm just crazy.

US went well on Friday... Baby is looking good. Have another scheduled for Monday. Baby is sideways (transverse), which has been a challenge got me physically, but she seems to have moved this afternoon, so I'm feeling a little easier now... Then again, my hip now hates me... Anyway... All is basically well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wow, Didn't See That Comming

I've never really understood how or why people send their kids to bed without din ner. My parents never used that tool, they made us suffer through dinner while they gave us the hairy eyeball... I've always thought that was bad enough.

Tonight my kid has taught me that I really don't know a damn thing about parenting. I'm totally ready to send a 2.5 year old to bed without dinner to get him out of my sight.

He decided that he wanted Daddy instead of Mommy to pick him up from school, so he refused to leave with me... Can you say embarrassing? Then he finally realized he had no choice, so he proceeded to berate me all the way home, sulk, and said he didn't like his Mommy.

This escalated to a full-on tantrum at home... Wherein my lovely son told me to go away, that I was not nice. Time-out turned into a mess...

I ended up leaving him lying on the floor crying, while I went out on the deck and had a calming period. Then I made myself dinner, offered him some (which he refused), and proceeded to eat by myself while my son continued to tell me how unworthy I am. 

Oddly enough the insults, minor as they really were, stopped hurting or making me mad after a few mins... I just wanted him to be on bed so I didn't have to play the game anymore.

I'd say he is going to wish I hadn't learned to think that way... What do you think?

Btw- I couldn't help but think of the new baby on the way... Do we have to do this all again? I guess if we are lucky then yes, I guess we do.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Post in Bullets - 33 wks

What's up? Hmmmm... Think I'll do this post in bullets, so it actually gets done.

  • I haven't said so previously, but I'm truly OVER THE MOON about the fact that 2 of my bloggy-buddies are in the PG saddle with me AGAIN! Both Mrs. Spock and Stacie were my gestational pals the 1st time around! I want both of you to know that it makes my heart sing to know you are my sisters-in-crime once more. I'm so terribly excited for you guys.
  • Had a Peri appt today - Little Miss is looking good - she's estimated at 5.5 lbs or so. Dr. said all is going well, and I've setup all my apts through the end of Oct.
  • I have about 6 wks to go now. Nov 20th sounds so far away, but really, I know it'll be here before long at all.
  • I've been having a good number of "contractions", which seem to be pretty strong, but are most likely just BH contractions.
  • My boy Jim is doing well. That is, last time I saw him! I left before he awoke this morning, and I came home after he was in bed. Since his Daddy doesn't look concerned, I'm going to bet he's doing OK.
  • In recent days Jim has started to act like a baby a number of times. I'm thinking he's noticing all the changes around here - seeing all the pink flooding into the house, and is starting to get worried. He's started crawling. Really. And he's started acting out simply for the sake of being difficult. So far it is manageable, but wearing on my nerves.
  • Jim has decided what his "Sissy's" name is going to be - he picked from our list of 4 names. He's been calling her by name now for a couple of weeks. It is so sweet to have him count her as being "in our family".
  • Mom Mom's best friend from High School is so excited for us - she LOVES little girls. So, she sent me a good-sized box of new clothes through 6m size, the baby's 1st teddy bear, and a very cute "Mother-To-Be Bracelet". So sweet and thoughtful of her.
  • Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I've gotten hubby roped into a project for Halloween. I want to make some of those BIG cutouts/silhouettes for the yard. You know, witches and cats and such. I just have to get him moving on bringing home some plywood... Mmmm and Black paint. The rest is in my list of to-dos. I gotta get moving on it though, or we'll not get it done!
  • Jim is not only talking like a pro now, but he's also coming up with his own stories, games, songs, and explanations for the way the world appears to work. It is sooo fun to just just listen to him create the world. I just want to grab him up and hug him for being so neat.
  • I'm finding it very hard to be motivated to get my house in order... I want sooo much to clean out a bit more of the clutter around here. I also want to re-decorate the HUGE mantle in our den, but I can't seem to get past thinking about it. I need something to inspire me - the right piece of artwork or large thingamabob to start my plan in motion. Not sure if I'll get it done before baby gets here, which makes me sad.
  • I'm also finding it hard to get gumption to setup the nursery for Little Miss. I keep going in there, and I'm seeing things that need doing, but I'm not making much progress. Last night was a banner night (sorted clothes, put things in the right drawers, etc). MAYBE my issue is that I'm hung up on not having a changing table in that room. I switched out some furniture, so now I have a gaping hole where the changing table should be. Need to shop for that this weekend.
  • Funny thing... I appear to be still in denial that there's going to be a baby soon. I totally forgot that I need to setup the bassinet upstairs, find a the pieces to the Pack-n-play bassinet attachments, and get my stroller frame back from my girlfriend. Maybe I should make a list. Hmmm...
  • My cat has come to realize he's not really welcome to walk/sleep/jump on my tummy anymore. What's a cat to do? He now lays, half-on half-off my tummy, which makes him a sort of tummy-cozy. Little Miss doesn't appear to like it... So, she starts kicking him. HIS Reaction? He looks around, sorta bewildered, to see what's amiss. :)
I'm getting very sleepy. Heading to bed!