Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Kid Has Had One Long Day...

Since 12 AM my little Jim has had a quintessentially bad day:
- 12 AM:  Woken up whimpering and come to sleep in my bed
- 1 AM - 3 AM: Thrashed around until my warnings reached that cold and calculated "I'll put you outside in the cold if you don't stop wiggling!". (not really, but damn it feels about right at 2 AM)
- 3 AM: Bonked me on the head until I woke up and yelled at him.
- 4 AM: Woke up very thirsty and cried piteously until I got him water*
- 5 AM: Woke up crying because his knee still hurt** - and I couldn't find the syringe to give him Motrin.
- Finally got some Motrin at 5:30 when I gave up and low-ball estimated the amount to give using another syringe. He probably got 1/2 a dose, but it worked apparently.
and to top it all off!  Drum roll please!!!
- 8:30 AM - WHOMP! He fell out of my bed.
Really. I almost had a hard time feeling sorry for him. Really.
Then.... Then I thought about all the times I made my Mom's life hard when I was having bad-day issues. I need to call my Mom and say "Thanks for hugging me AND not putting me out in the yard."  
In his defense:
* It was really, really dry in the house last night, I GRUDGINGLY got me some water too.
** He had said his knee hurt when he came to bed at 12 AM, but his explanation was sketchy, so I kinda dismissed it as a dreaming-while-awake issue. He said he "I hurt it on Sissy's frog", and the only frog I could think of in the house was her humidifier. Turns out he fell getting out of the car yesterday, in the garage - he banged his knee. What did he trip over? A stuffed frog that lives in Daddy's car. Duh! I didn't know this until my husband tried to "help" with that explanation. GRRRRR! Couldn't he have told me when it happend so I could have administered a pain reliever?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

G - Our Letter for the Day

Jim and I were in the car for an after-dinner trip to Target.  I was cruising down the small, slightly winding road that leads from our house to civilization. I suddenly saw an animal on the curb and made that intake-gasp-of-air sound, applied a tiny bit of brake, and moved over just a bit so I wouldn't have an unfortunate "bump, bump" to explain to my dear kiddo. Not to mention the fact that I'd cry. I'm a wuss when it comes to killing animals. Really*.
So, Jim, being the very clever kid that he is, noticed the whole thing, but didn't see the animal.
Jim:  "Mommy you almost hit that person!" (by which he meant the car in the oncoming lane that we passed)
Me: "No Honey, I didn't almost hit that car. Um... (stalling) There was an animal walking into the road, and I didn't want to hit him." (didn't really want to get into the whole explanation of squishing an animal and all that).
Jim: "You almost hit that Giraffe?"
You can imagine my surprise that there was apparently a giraffe, on our neighborhood road, that I didn't see, and almost hit.
Me:  (ROFL) "No Honey, I didn't almost hit a giraffe, did you see a giraffe?"
Jim: "Uh-huh"
Me: Laughing some more...  "Honey, I don't think so, I think it was an opossum."
When I was pretty sure we'd finished most of the almost hit, almost squished, are you sure it wasn't a giraffe conversation, I called my Mom and relayed the funny stuff.
Gotta love kids!
* Actually, I'm pretty sure I could kill one if I was hungry enough, but let's hope I NEVER get that hungry. Really, that would suck on so many different levels.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days & Long Nights

I have had an odd last few of days - the snow on Sunday night didn't reach our friends' house until a couple of hours after it had blanketed our house. So at 10 PM Sunday night my hubby, son, daughter, and I found ourselves traveling in blizzard-like conditions, trying to get home.

We completed a harrowing 12 mile trip in just over an hour. I had my  son in my car, hubby had Miss M. The snow was so bad we periodically lost sight of each other, but were never apart more than 50 feet.

For a fun twist, my cell phone was in Hubby's car, but neither of us knew it until it was too dangerous to fix the issue. Bonus level of stress for both of us!

Double-bonus for me? Jim wasn't sleepy, so was witness to the scary slipping, sliding, white-out fun. He really didn't seem to realize the danger until we slid off the road and jumped a median. I'm not sure what tipped him off, the sliding sideways, the fast-beeping traction control alarm, or the huge BANG-BLAM When we hit the median. Afterwards though, he kept saying, "I don't like bumpy ice Mommy". Don't blame you kid!

Monday was tough too, I  left my laptop at work and there was no way to retrieve it. Not a chance. I tried several solutions using my own laptop, no dice. I eventually had to give in and have a crappy day, complete with bad mood that I'd have to waste a PTO day. Ugh!

Tuesday, I resigned myself to just take a day off,  since I had no choice. Here was my chance...  I setup a little-kids-sledding date with the neighbors, fed kiddo a big breakfast, and proceeded to have a  wonderfully day of fun - I felt like I was 10 again.

My girlfriend, our kids, and I sledded exeedingly fast down the street, ate chili, sledded some more, ate cold ham w/bread and butter, drank too much wine (primarily the adults), laughed our asses off, and generally made fools of ourselves. It was amazingly fun!

Today. Today I did the dumbest thing ever in my life x2. I put my kids in the car and took them to daycare while I went to get my laptop, so I could work from home the rest of this week. I'm a ducking idiot.

I knew it was a huge mistake the minute I saw the road just outside out neighborhood.

OK! Let's face it, I actually knew it when I saw the solid sheet of ice that was my street.

OK, OK!  I really knew it when my Hubby mentioned causally that it would only get up to 28 degrees today. I thought then that I should just stay home. Idiot!

No, I braved the ice, the cold, and endangered my kids to get my machine so I wouldn't have to take  a 3rd PTO day. Yep. Ducking idiot.

We made it, the car made it, but I'm not sure my son will EVER like "bumpy ice" again. He's a smart boy, learns fast.

Faster than me, for sure.

Hope all of you are inside, warm, safe, and sound tonight - I'm so blessed that we are.