Monday, December 14, 2009

Skyrockets in Flight...

I haven't mentioned it - been quite busy - but Jim is going to have to have tubes in his ears to stop the reoccurent ear infections. We are scheduling the surgery for this Friday. It appears he's had some hearing loss, but they are hoping that most of the loss is due to the liquid in his ear vs. true long-term loss.
I just talked to the surgery center - they didn't give me a time yet, but they went over the costs.
ENT Surgery center  $1950
ENT Dr.   $424.00
Anesthesia  $???  don't know what the $ will be yet
It will officially cost more to have his ear tubes put in than it did for his c-section delivery!!!!!!  OMG. When I mentioned this the lady at the sugery center said, in a very sing-songy voice, "But you don't get billed for it! You only pay 10%!"
A Healthcare cost sykrocket was launched in her honor.