Monday, June 21, 2010

Wonderful words...

AS I've said before, Jim talks well, and our neatest conversations seem to happen in the car. I think maybe it is because he's a big fan of vehicles. :)

We are using cars to teach Jim his colors. It's lots of fun! He does pretty well at it.

Some of our favorite cars to see:

Conberdidable - Jim seems to prefer older models
Ambuwance - he imitates these at top volume
Big Truck - which can be any type from a delivery truck to a semi.
Fire Truck - which he says is "going to help somebody". :)
Tractor - Any kind of big construction machinery, which is because his Mommy is an idget and can't remember the names of them to teach him. :)

Riding with him is LOTS of fun these days. We talk about school, and his friends, and what they learned today. I'm appreciating his sense of humor more and more everyday.

Today he said, "We almost to my neighborhood!", and I was very excited. Then he said, "YOU no go to my neighborhood.", and I thought about playing sad, but then I realized it was funny to imagine how he'd get home without me. So, I told him how he was being silly. He laughed and agreed, "Silly Jim".

I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

SIL update... You may remember, my SIL was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a little over a month ago. They had told her that it was likely a BAD kind, but wouldn't know until after surgery. The surgery was today... She came through it OK. We hope to hear tomorrow which kind of thyroid cancer it is.

I'm taking a poll - if you were in the hospital after this kind of surgery, would you want:
A. Flowers
B. Flowers with Balloons
C. To be left alone
D. One of the above sent to your house AFTER you are home

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A True Love Story

Today was a major milestone for Jim - he saw his first movie on the big screen! We took him and a similarly-aged friend to the movies to see Toy Story 3. They both sat through the WHOLE thing! That was even after we had to wait a full hour for the theater to get the film running!

I was very impressed with my little guy - he was so very brave during the scary parts, and so empathetic with the sad parts. It was wonderful.

After the movie we parted ways with out friends and did a bit of shopping (I needed some maternity pants!). I had struck out on my own, as maternity stores are kinda a personal thing. On the way, I passed a Disney store and found that they had a cloth Woody doll, and I coveted it for my son. I am not typically covetous of commercialized products, really, I kinda have a hatred of marketing aimed at kids. However, this just stole my heart, and I know my son really loves watching "Woody and Buzz".

I only resisted buying the doll due to my expectation of scorn from my also-not-covetous-of-commercialized-toys hubby.

Later, at lunch in the mall I casually mentioned that I'd seen a "real cloth W-O-O-D-Y" at the Disney store. Much to my surprise, hubby's eyes lit up as he whispered, "How Much?". To which I smiled and slyly said, "$15". Hubby smiled more and said, "Does it have a real String?", and I giddily answered an emphatic "YES!". I could tell IMMEDIATELY that at least ONE of us would be headed back to the Disney store.

When we arrived, Jim zoomed in on the Toy Story display, and ran to grab the object of his love... I watched as Hubby stood there dumbfounded, seeing his small boy grabbing one of the many dolls and yelling, "My Buzz!".

Hubby just stared. Then he uttered very low, "Really? I'm confused, he doesn't want Woody?". My big man was apparently heartbroken... There he was, all 6+ feet of him, holding a Woody doll and looking lost. It was obvious he wanted Woody to come home with us. He proffered Woody again, showing off his string, to which our loving son demonstrated the "laser" on Buzz, and grinned like a fool.

Our household now contains 1 Buzz Lightyear, 1 Woody doll, and 1 Bullseye horse that Mommy couldn't resist for $5. :) Everyone is happy.

Better yet, we've officially seen our little boy romp around the room in his cowboy boots, Bullseye horse in hand with an ever-smiling Woody on his back, riding off into the sunset.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nothing Much... Still Fun

I don't have a lot to say, just thought I'd check in, maybe tell a story, or two....

Jim and I were in the car on the way home yesterday... A motorcycle and its rider passed us, and the way he was acting on the bike make me think they might part ways soon. Just as I was starting to steam about this person's antics, Jim piped up... Here's our conversation:

Jim - What's that?

Mommy - A motorcycle

Jim - He riding a bicycle... [insert glow of interest]

Mommy - [insert worried look] No, it's a motorcycle, it has an engine like a car to make it go.

Jim - [pause] I ride my bicycle outside?

Mommy - [more worried look] You mean your bike, out here, on this 4-lane busy street?

Jim - Yes! I ride my bike outside!

Mommy - [very stern look] No Baby, your bike can't go fast enough to ride it out here. You go fast, but not as fast as Mommy's car, or the motorcycle.

Jim - [long pause] ummm

Mommy - [waiting patiently to squash his plan]

Jim - [very joyous smile] I ride my bike outside, Mommy Daddy PUSH ME! [claps enthusiastically]

This child is 2 y 4 mo old... How does he think of things like this? Sheesh.

Conversation Today in the car on the way home...

Jim - [pensive look] We have to put car in garage?

Mommy - Yes, we have to put the car in the garage.

Jim - Where Daddy car?

Mommy - In the garage too.

Jim - Daddy put his car in garage too?

Mommy - [big smile!] Yes! That's right!

Jim - Where everybody else car go?

He's a trip, this one... He constantly wants to know where all the OTHER cars are going. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

15 weeks - kick-off!

I wrote this last week... Forgot to send it!

I hit 15 weeks today! I'm just completely amazed we've made it so far!

I keep trying to enjoy this time, but there's always a small niggle re the other shoe dropping. Sigh...

I saw a hematologist this week - he said my blood clotting issues are mild, but he said some key tests hadn't been run, and those could change the picture. So, said RUN THEM!

I explained to the doc that "I want no chance that something was missed that would cost me this baby. Our road has been long and rocky - I've lost 5 potential children already, and I don't have it in me to loose this one and start over. "

The doctor doesn't seem to get the urgency, since he said I'd get my results when I see him in 3 weeks. I plan to call him sooner. ;)

The best part about this week? I've started getting some good-sized kicks. Makes me smile everytime.
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