Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nothing Much... Still Fun

I don't have a lot to say, just thought I'd check in, maybe tell a story, or two....

Jim and I were in the car on the way home yesterday... A motorcycle and its rider passed us, and the way he was acting on the bike make me think they might part ways soon. Just as I was starting to steam about this person's antics, Jim piped up... Here's our conversation:

Jim - What's that?

Mommy - A motorcycle

Jim - He riding a bicycle... [insert glow of interest]

Mommy - [insert worried look] No, it's a motorcycle, it has an engine like a car to make it go.

Jim - [pause] I ride my bicycle outside?

Mommy - [more worried look] You mean your bike, out here, on this 4-lane busy street?

Jim - Yes! I ride my bike outside!

Mommy - [very stern look] No Baby, your bike can't go fast enough to ride it out here. You go fast, but not as fast as Mommy's car, or the motorcycle.

Jim - [long pause] ummm

Mommy - [waiting patiently to squash his plan]

Jim - [very joyous smile] I ride my bike outside, Mommy Daddy PUSH ME! [claps enthusiastically]

This child is 2 y 4 mo old... How does he think of things like this? Sheesh.

Conversation Today in the car on the way home...

Jim - [pensive look] We have to put car in garage?

Mommy - Yes, we have to put the car in the garage.

Jim - Where Daddy car?

Mommy - In the garage too.

Jim - Daddy put his car in garage too?

Mommy - [big smile!] Yes! That's right!

Jim - Where everybody else car go?

He's a trip, this one... He constantly wants to know where all the OTHER cars are going. :)

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