Monday, June 21, 2010

Wonderful words...

AS I've said before, Jim talks well, and our neatest conversations seem to happen in the car. I think maybe it is because he's a big fan of vehicles. :)

We are using cars to teach Jim his colors. It's lots of fun! He does pretty well at it.

Some of our favorite cars to see:

Conberdidable - Jim seems to prefer older models
Ambuwance - he imitates these at top volume
Big Truck - which can be any type from a delivery truck to a semi.
Fire Truck - which he says is "going to help somebody". :)
Tractor - Any kind of big construction machinery, which is because his Mommy is an idget and can't remember the names of them to teach him. :)

Riding with him is LOTS of fun these days. We talk about school, and his friends, and what they learned today. I'm appreciating his sense of humor more and more everyday.

Today he said, "We almost to my neighborhood!", and I was very excited. Then he said, "YOU no go to my neighborhood.", and I thought about playing sad, but then I realized it was funny to imagine how he'd get home without me. So, I told him how he was being silly. He laughed and agreed, "Silly Jim".

I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

SIL update... You may remember, my SIL was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a little over a month ago. They had told her that it was likely a BAD kind, but wouldn't know until after surgery. The surgery was today... She came through it OK. We hope to hear tomorrow which kind of thyroid cancer it is.

I'm taking a poll - if you were in the hospital after this kind of surgery, would you want:
A. Flowers
B. Flowers with Balloons
C. To be left alone
D. One of the above sent to your house AFTER you are home


Heather said...

D - maybe a call or text while she is at the hospital but the flowers/card/chocolates when she gets home (unless she is going to stay in the hospital for an extended amount of time)

stickybun07 said...

I agree--I think I would do flowers/balloons at home.

I hope she gets some good news.

Gil said...

Yep, flowers/balloons at home rather than in the hospital, unless she's there for awhile. Here's hoping she's not...

Furrow said...

Food. Lots and lots of delicious snacky food. Both at the hospital and after.

Pam said...

Speaking from when my mom was in the hospital for extended stays, any flowers she (or other patients) received were not allowed in patient rooms and were left out at the nurses station or other counters on the floor. I'm not sure if the hospital your SIL is in has the same rule or not. But if she's going to have an extended stay, I'd check with them first about sending the flowers. If they allow them in, I''m sure she'd love to see a nice arrangement. Otherwise, wait until she got home.

MrsSpock said...

My hospital had a no fresh flowers rule- though I loved them. I would probably be tickled to have good food once I was home, or flowers at home. But def a card in the hospital.