Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jim Is Seeing Red...

Well, pink actually...

Yep, baby boy has Pink Eye!!!! Yikes!

We are staying home tomorrow, Jim and I. I hope he's not as cranky as he was today. Jeesh.

And here I was thinking I was going to enjoy tomorrow at work. There is a big birthday party for one of the girls. I can't disclose WHAT they are going to be up to, but it was guaranteed to be fun.

Oh well.

Good times, people, good times...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Milestones at 5 Months.

What is little (big) Jim up to these days?

Sitting up assisted really well! He is getting to where he only needs some correction to keep from crashing to the floor. He knows to hold on and self correct (for the most part), but he forgets the whole gravity part if he sees something interesting...

Belly-laughs - playing "got your belly" is about the most fun thing imaginable for everyone involved. I hold Jim in my arms cradle-style and curl him up to my mouth with which I growl and love-bite his tum-tum. He rewards me for my workout with the GREATEST SOUND EVER! He squeals and laughs a full belly laugh over and over while I "get em'". Daddy, Mommy and Baby are loving this game.

Temper tantrums (flails his arms and legs in protest to anything frustrating). What could be frustrating him, you ask? Oh, a 5 second delay on getting the bottle to his mouth is plenty, let me tell you. I guess this isn't so different from when he was smaller - he just has the power to hurt now! Big boy = strong boy

He holds his own bottle for about 1/3 of every feeding. This is golden. :)

Is eating cereal about 1 time per day. We took video of his first food. The whole thing was so funny that we could barely feed him. He figured out really quickly that he could laugh just as I got the cereal in and it would spray rice bits all over Mommy. Isn't that fun?!?!?!

Since we've been doing this food thing for a little while (even though you guys haven't had the opportunity to follow along), I would now make an observation. Solid foods are kinda a pain, don't you think? He is terribly cute, but man oh man can he make a mess! Sticky mess! Flinging Mess! We need a dog, because Humphries hides everytime the flinging starts!

Standing! You heard it right - he is practicing standing! July 1st he was just sure he never wanted anything to do with bearing his own weight. This week he is standing for several seconds with very little support. He's getting stronger at an alarming rate! Personally, I think he is just trying to catch up to his cousin Corbin - 1 month older - who is standing so well that it is scary. That boy is going to be walking within a month. I'm sure of it! His Momma is about to be really busy. :)

Rolled Over!!!! He rolled onto his stomach while in his crib at daycare this week! They said he didn't even cry or anything. He just settled down and went to sleep that way instead. YAY!

First Fever - 103 degrees C. We ended up taking him to an Urgent Care for children. We made it just before they stopped taking patients for the evening - thank goodness! I'll have to tell the full story later, but let's just say it was "an experience".

Flat spot isn't going away... My baby's head is now more evenly flat across the back, but it isn't appearing to get better with repositioning. So, we are going to take him to get his head measured by a specialist. The appt isn't for a few weeks. If you want to read up on the process, you can read about it here: I'll fill you all in more a little later on the helmet thing... It's getting late, Momma's gotta go to bed!!!

Jim is 20 Weeks!

Well, well, well... We (Jim, Bo and I) have arrived at 20 weeks post-delivery. Wow. That seems so huge.

I remember 20 weeks being such a huge milestone in my pregnancy. It was the 1st week where I really, really felt like I could just be a pregnant lady. I wasn't "infertile" I was glowing. I wasn't "Fat" I was pregnant. I was beautiful to the world because I was going to have a baby. I started getting knowing smiles from strangers. I started to really believe I was going to be a mother. Mom. Me. Really.

Yeah, there were doubts in my mind. I had so many I won't recount them here. Let's just say that I'm OK with having doubts - they keep me grounded. I think I did pretty well at keeping things together (well, until that last couple of weeks...).

Oh, and speaking of huge... Jim was weighed last week... Oh my.

Weight: 19 1/2 lbs (off the chart, literally >100%)
Height: 25.5 (75%)
Head: 17.7 INCHES!!!! (95%)

To say our boy is big is sort-of an understatement. Then again, he is height-weight-head proportionate, so it is OK. If the Dr. isn't worried I'm not going to be worried. Well, not so much anyway.

I'll try to keep you guys more up-to-date, but I'm not promising anything. :P