Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Post in Bullets - 33 wks

What's up? Hmmmm... Think I'll do this post in bullets, so it actually gets done.

  • I haven't said so previously, but I'm truly OVER THE MOON about the fact that 2 of my bloggy-buddies are in the PG saddle with me AGAIN! Both Mrs. Spock and Stacie were my gestational pals the 1st time around! I want both of you to know that it makes my heart sing to know you are my sisters-in-crime once more. I'm so terribly excited for you guys.
  • Had a Peri appt today - Little Miss is looking good - she's estimated at 5.5 lbs or so. Dr. said all is going well, and I've setup all my apts through the end of Oct.
  • I have about 6 wks to go now. Nov 20th sounds so far away, but really, I know it'll be here before long at all.
  • I've been having a good number of "contractions", which seem to be pretty strong, but are most likely just BH contractions.
  • My boy Jim is doing well. That is, last time I saw him! I left before he awoke this morning, and I came home after he was in bed. Since his Daddy doesn't look concerned, I'm going to bet he's doing OK.
  • In recent days Jim has started to act like a baby a number of times. I'm thinking he's noticing all the changes around here - seeing all the pink flooding into the house, and is starting to get worried. He's started crawling. Really. And he's started acting out simply for the sake of being difficult. So far it is manageable, but wearing on my nerves.
  • Jim has decided what his "Sissy's" name is going to be - he picked from our list of 4 names. He's been calling her by name now for a couple of weeks. It is so sweet to have him count her as being "in our family".
  • Mom Mom's best friend from High School is so excited for us - she LOVES little girls. So, she sent me a good-sized box of new clothes through 6m size, the baby's 1st teddy bear, and a very cute "Mother-To-Be Bracelet". So sweet and thoughtful of her.
  • Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I've gotten hubby roped into a project for Halloween. I want to make some of those BIG cutouts/silhouettes for the yard. You know, witches and cats and such. I just have to get him moving on bringing home some plywood... Mmmm and Black paint. The rest is in my list of to-dos. I gotta get moving on it though, or we'll not get it done!
  • Jim is not only talking like a pro now, but he's also coming up with his own stories, games, songs, and explanations for the way the world appears to work. It is sooo fun to just just listen to him create the world. I just want to grab him up and hug him for being so neat.
  • I'm finding it very hard to be motivated to get my house in order... I want sooo much to clean out a bit more of the clutter around here. I also want to re-decorate the HUGE mantle in our den, but I can't seem to get past thinking about it. I need something to inspire me - the right piece of artwork or large thingamabob to start my plan in motion. Not sure if I'll get it done before baby gets here, which makes me sad.
  • I'm also finding it hard to get gumption to setup the nursery for Little Miss. I keep going in there, and I'm seeing things that need doing, but I'm not making much progress. Last night was a banner night (sorted clothes, put things in the right drawers, etc). MAYBE my issue is that I'm hung up on not having a changing table in that room. I switched out some furniture, so now I have a gaping hole where the changing table should be. Need to shop for that this weekend.
  • Funny thing... I appear to be still in denial that there's going to be a baby soon. I totally forgot that I need to setup the bassinet upstairs, find a the pieces to the Pack-n-play bassinet attachments, and get my stroller frame back from my girlfriend. Maybe I should make a list. Hmmm...
  • My cat has come to realize he's not really welcome to walk/sleep/jump on my tummy anymore. What's a cat to do? He now lays, half-on half-off my tummy, which makes him a sort of tummy-cozy. Little Miss doesn't appear to like it... So, she starts kicking him. HIS Reaction? He looks around, sorta bewildered, to see what's amiss. :)
I'm getting very sleepy. Heading to bed!


HereWeGoAJen said...

You know, if we want to do some kind of Atlanta get-together again, we'd better get going before you are too busy to come!

MrsSpock said...

Not only are we preggo again at the same time, but we are both having girls! Woot!

Stacie said...

Aw, thank you! I am happy to be pregnant with you (both) too. It would be nice if I can join team pink with you as well!

I am so excited for you. Reaching 33 weeks is HUGE, you know.

I am so glad that Jim is doing well. I love this stage--all the talking and opinions. :-)

PS. The Halloween projects sound interesting. Will we get to see them?