Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Awards, Info and Interviews...

I got an award today from Stacie, one of those bloggers I consider a friend. She's been there for me, helping stay sane, since that very first peestick. What more can you ask?

I am officially a:

I have a few to nominate for their own awards:

Henry Street - Rachel is one of those people that you are glad to know. She tells her story frankly with quite a bit of the benind the scenes info that makes her choices, struggles and trails come to life for the reader. I've enjoyed getting to know her.

The Hardest Quest - Gil is one of those ladies that is there for you, always. She has had a rough time of it with IF, and is looking over what her next steps might be. I hope she finds the Golden Ticket to complete her journey. Through the early part of my IVF I looked forward to posting partly to see Gil's ever-present response. She always knew how to make me feel better. Thanks, Gil!

Reproductive Jeans - JJ has probably already gotten this award 10 times, but hey, who's counting? She's there for you. Really, she is there for everyone. Everytime I look at someone's comments it seems like JJ has already been there, saying just the right thing. Her blog is funny, thoughtful and full of her happiest and saddest moments. She is a Rockin' Blogger if there ever was one.

OH! You just HAVE to go see what Rachel over at Henry Street has made!! She's got the cutest little hats she knits, and she is thinking of selling them. Let her know if you think she should setup a site selling them... I personally am in love with these little hats. I gotta have one. :)

Go over and see Mel at Stirrup Queens if you are interested in participating in her research for her book - she's conducting email interviews. Here's info on how to get involved, I've copied the instructions, per Mel:

"Speaking of the book, I am finally at the chapter on treatments since I'm writing all chapters out-of-order. Which means another round of online interviews. If you are currently undergoing treatments OR you have undergone treatments in the past--anything from IUI without injectibles to IVF with ICSI--and wouldn't mind chatting about your experience with me (and, in turn, anonymously with anyone who reads the book), please email me at thetowncriers@gmail.com and I will send you the question sheet "


The Town Criers said...

Thank you!

JJ said...

You just made me tear up--that is SO sweet of you to say-thank you so much for those sweet, sweet words. You are definitely deserving of this nom as well! Hope you are feeling well!
Thanks again....

Stacie said...

Great blogs! I love finding new blogs this way!