Sunday, September 9, 2012

Testing, Testing! Anyone out there still have me on their blogroll?

Hey Guys!  I'm back!

I think I might have finally adjusted to being a Mom of Two. Only took 1 yr 9 mos. Not so bad, considering.

So, I'm starting up the home improvement projects, trying to put my life back together a bit. I've let the house get a bit out-of-control, and in doing so have found that I am a bit overwhelmed. I feel like the walls are pressing in on me, and I'm unable to think/move/do anything but be stressed about it.

So, I'm working on de-cluttering, which is helping with my state of mind. I'm finding more energy, and I'm less interested in being a slug.

Here are the things on the agenda for the next few weeks:

Redo the kitchen, as the result of a minor flood from the dishwasher.
  1. Get the kitchen dry - completed
  2. Get bids from 3 contractors to repair/replace the cabinets
  3. Get kitchen designs from cabinet retailers, just in case we are replacing the kitchen 
  4. Pick a new floor type - wood or vinyl, no ceramic for me
  5. Get flooring bids for wood and vinyl tile
  6. Decide if I want to take the opportunity to change the wall color
  7. Convince myself that now is a good time to paint the ceiling
  8. Rip out an existing Pantry and non-load bearing wall to make more overall counter space
  9. Pick a counter top material/finish
  10. Learn how to feed my family well without a kitchen (no oven, no cooktop, and only a tiny bit of cabinet and counterspace)
  11. Come to terms with 4 - 6 more weeks without a kitchen
Repair the Foundation:
Water damage on the OTHER end of the house, unrelated, has caused settling of the foundation. sigh. We have had a structural engineer look at the damage and make a recommendation.
  1. Get bids from 4 contractors
  2. Choose a contractor
  3. pay a bazillion dollars
  4. Hope my house doesn't fall down during the repairs.


Stacie said...

Hey there stranger! It's nice to see you back!

It does sound like a lot on your plate. Kitchen remodels are hard for the reasons you stated, but you'll see you adjust rather quickly.

We remodeled our kitchen ourselves before we had the big boys. In fact, one of the last things we did before I went on bed rest was tile the backsplash...and well, it never did get finished. Lol. Someday when things calm down I'll get back to it. Maybe. ;)

MrsSpock said...

I'm still here! I am doing a few projects here and there. I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest- I am rather addicted.

Bea said...

Ooh! Pick me!

Um... Wood. Not vinyl.

Yes, change the paint colour.

The ceiling will look drab against all the new stuff if you don't paint it. (I assume you can fund the paint job... if not I can try to convince you the other way ;)

Stone of some kind is nice for countertops (doesn't have to be marble, though marble is extra nice) or you can get a "plastic" stone (what's it called?) but actually for my money laminate has come a long way. Unlimited funds I would probably do stone though, so this is totally budget-related.

Sorry, was this not meant for advice?

I will be happy to read your decluttering tips. I feel like I have been on permanent declutter since 2006 and I'm even starting to get the hang of it! Less clutter is so much better. Someone recommended me The Clutter Cure which can be found as an ebook for extra low-clutter points and I found it wise and motivating.


MrsSpock said...

You might like this blog I just started following, if you are on a decluttering kick: A Year of Less.

Sweet Georgia said...

Hello! Welcome back. Sounds like you have quite the full plate right now. Can't wait to hear how your projects go.