Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scary Yet Important Fun...

The local BABY STORE got hubby and I today...

I got a great email about a sale at the locally-owned Baby's Room store earlier this week. They were having a sale AND giving away a well-regarded $70 stroller to boot.

I had been in the store once before a few weeks ago, and so I knew I wanted a crib from there. Really, nothing else has compared to their cribs - in style or price. If you live in Atlanta give me a shout and I'll send you their information.

We spent about an hour in the store looking at options for convertible cribs, strollers, gliders, and crib bedding. I got 3 of the 4 today - Oh my! I put crib on order (8 to 10 wk delivery) and put an upholstered glider (with ottoman) on order too! I asked before ordering what happens if the proverbial shoe drops before the crib/chair arrive? Mr. Wonderful Store Owner said they will cancel the order and refund my deposit!!!! WOOOO HOOO! Sign me up folks!

So, yes, I am crazy... I am totally crazy... But I am a happy sort-of crazy! :)

OK, so here are my nursery choices so far:

Baby bedding:
We are going with Pottery Barn Kids - Dragonflies in purple and green. The pic below is in pink/green, but it was the best I could do. :)

Bonavita - model Petyon in white:

Best Chair - model Quinn (#1577) in Seal.

Imagine it is in this nice doe-colored microfiber... Mmmmm....

AND the free stroller!!!
Cosco Combi - it got great reviews, so I was happy to get it for free.

Hubby and I are hoping to use the car seat/stroller frame combo until the child is old enough to use this stroller... I really don't want one of the Big Kahuna strollers - I hate to think of inflicting another huge stroller on the shopping public. I have been run over or blocked from my shopping needs tooooooo many times to count by an ill-placed Cadillac Stroller. Geeesh!

BTW - No offense to those of you that like them - I figure "to each their own" is a good rule. Also, I have cursed those things long enough and often enough that I probably would get laughed out of town if I did break down and get one. :)

OK, so that's all the damage I've done so far... I know it is a lot really for as early on as we are, but I like getting the important stuff out of the way early. At this point I'll be OK if we don't buy another stick of furniture. The only other thing we HAVE to have is a car seat (haven't started thinking about it).


ultimatejourney said...

A glider that doesn't look like a glider! I love it!

I'm starting to think about this kind of stuff too. I agree with you -- it's scary, but fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Kate said...

Oh man! I haven't gotten anythign yet. Should I be panicking? I love the bedding - so cute!

Gemini Girl said...

Well, I have not gotten anything yet either. I am not really allowed to purchase anything until after the babies are born (I guess it's a superstitious thing in my culture). I have made a registry though and if pple want to buy me gifts- so be it. I will not unpack until the babies are born. I also know exactly what I want so that when I am in the hospital, my hubby can go and get them. I am getting a glider like that as well in brown...
Hope all is going well- so happy for you!