Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Is This Thing On? ... Testing! ... Testing!

Well, that was a long bathroom break, huh?

I bet you all thought I was gone! I wasn't sure myself, but here I am...

Really, I have just been living and let-living. I've been reading all the same blogs, and finding new ones, but I just haven't felt like blogging. Sure, I think of things to say now and then. From time to time I've even saved a draft post. I've just not "felt it" lately. Then there is the whole privacy thing I've been mulling over. You see, I want to share juicy Jim pics, but I also want more anonimity. As it is, a crafty person could surely track us down. I just hate that...

So, I guess I'm done mulling it over, and I'm planning on trying to do more blogging, but I probably won't post too many pics. We'll see...

Let's see... What's new...

I'm taking BCPs so we can start a FET this coming month. We only have one embrio in storage, so we are taking a BIG chance with doing a cycle. Our odds are really, really crappy. According to the stats we have something like a 5-10% chance of baby. Not so exciting, huh? Yeah, I'm not thrilled either. Then again, we made the deal when we started this that we would use ALL the embrios we created and we DO want at least 2 kids. So, here we go!

We were supposed to start the suppression cycle in June, but my body didn't cooperate with the whole ovulation thing. So BCPs then I start Lu*pron on the 4th of July. I laugh when I think - way to be independent, body. Can't do it by yourself, huh? Well, here's a shot for ya!! Heh, would be funny if it weren't my tummy the shot was going into! If the suppression check goes well the 2nd week in July we'll be on our way! After that we have the "thick lining" check, and if all is well we'll need a small miracle for this embrio to thaw and survive for a transfer. I know.... one thing at a time...

In lighter news...

Jim is 15 Months old now! That's a fun and exciting kind of new, becauase he's fast becoming a little boy instead of a baby. He's so cute and fun, and it is wonderful to see him growing. Then again I miss the 6 mo old baby, too... I'm so glad he's getting more interactive, but it's both sweet and sad.

Let's get you guys up to date on his stats:

- He's been walking since ummmm... seems like forever! He started just after Christmas, so it's been a while.

- He's just over 26 lbs and 31 inches at last check - people keep thinking he's two, which isn't handy as you might think. Instead they don't understand why he's not acting like a "big boy". Duh!

- He talks - A LOT! Then again so do Bo and I. Eh, what can you do?

- Oh, and before you read the vocab list below and think I'm gloating because he can talk alot - just let me say, my boy is NOT athletic in any way. What I would give some days for him to have an athletic bone in his body. The boy can't climb to save his life. Especially when that is CLIMBING DOWN! I mean the boy can be a foot off the floor and he's unsure of how to get down. He also trips over rugs - any rug - even the flatest most non-threatening rug ever made - he will fall down trying to cross its threshold, I kid you not. We love him, but we aren't signing him up for sports anytime soon...

- He now says:

  • Ball
  • Bite - Bite or Bitey
  • Box
  • Mommy, Daddy, Kitty (the main family)
  • Car
  • Duck - "Clack Clack"
  • Peeese (please)
  • Sssho (shoe)
  • Ba Ba
  • More
  • Thank you - really, he does this on his own!
  • Night Night
  • Nana and PatPat - my parent's nicknames
  • Ganba - sounds kinda like "grandpa"
  • Mana Mana - this folks, means Banana, but cracks me up everytime as I launch into the MUPPETS! Ha!
  • PuuPeeee! - he always says this like he is terribly excited at the idea... oh, and all stuffed animals are puppies btw.
  • Go
  • Bye Bye, Mwah! Usually these words are a set, but occasionally they get used alone. :)
  • Dat - means "that"
  • Da - which of means "yes" and is sometimes said as a question when he wants to do something he isn't supposed to and knows very well he should not even bother to ASK! Da?
  • Tent - he LOVES the tent we got for him from Ikea... LOVES it I tell you.
  • Down
  • No no - usually he only says it as if he's reminding himself NOT to do something he's about to do when he KNOWS he shouldn't.

I'm sure there are more, but really, you get the point... He's talking up a STORM. It really is cool as all get-out that he can communicate so well. Of course, the down side is that he gets really frustrated when he can't get his point across. Boy, can he throw a tantrum! I'll put my 15 mo old against your 2 1/2 yr old any day - bring it on!

- He has 8 teeth now!! No wait - he has two molars breaking through too! So, I guess that's 10! Wow... that sounds like soooo many.

- He's off of bottles since March, when he turned 1 we started moving him to sippy's and found that the soft silicone ones did the trick. Once he started on those he quickly transitioned off of bottles one feeding at a time. I know, we're lucky... I've read the stories!

- He mostly feeds himself - and he eats most things. *knock on wood!! He has started to "graze" a bit. Usually this involves announcing he is "done" then coming over to Mommy and seeing what is on HER plate. If he's interested he'll beg to get up in my lap and help himself. It's cute, for now. :)

Really, that's probably enough stats and updates for tonight. I'll maybe find some way to get more posts in more often. Don't know... I hope you guys haven't all taken me off your blog rolls!

Here's a little bit of cuteness for those that made it this far! Here's what happens when you say the same word over, and over, and over and you GET what you are asking for everytime! Now let that be a lesson to you... young man. Yeah, I did have to chase balls all over Target once he busted out!


Orodemniades said...

Hee, I love how he peeks over that ball!

Hard to believe he's 15m months already. And talking! The Chieftain isn't saying anything as of yet, alas.

don't you hate the 'oo, he's a big boy!' comment? That really grates on my nerves, and I can tell he's not as chubby as the Chieftain. Ah well, it's just amazing, isn't it?

Kate said...

Glad to see you back! Our boys are only a month apart and similar in size. It looks like you are doing great!

Sticky Bun said...

So cute! The stickies are 15 months, too, but Sweet Potato doesn't have anywhere near that vocab. Very impressive. :-)

Best of luck on the FET! (We made the same decision about the embryos.) Fingers crossed for a positive cycle.

Stacie said...

There you are! Welcome back!

Jim is a rock star. He is doing wonderfully. He says so much! Isn't it exciting each time they master a new word. I love this stage because of that. The tantrums, though, I could seriously do without. Ha!

Fingers crossed for the FET. Fingers crossed for both of us. Hugs!

Mrs M@sk said...

Of course I remember all of my original cycle buddies ;) Back to supporting you again I see! Such a cute photo, completey understand the concern for privacy, not sure what I will do when the bubs are her.

MrsSpock said...

I hope you hit that 5-10% chance. We only had a 3-4% chance of having a treatment free pregnancy- and we hit it.

We also found the silicone nipple sippy was the easiest- after much trial and failure.Of course, J still went on strike for days, refusing to drink much at all.

ME Gregory said...

yeah, you are back. I always checked on you. Jim is doing great - i love the rug story, that is too funny. My little girl is super tall too, 32" at 12 months so I know what you mean. good luck with your cycle!