Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things to Remember...

Jim has been a hoot lately... 
He has started forming more and more real sentences - most of them are constructed on the fly.  Well, almost. I hear him many times, before he speaks loudly, he tries out his sentences and ideas in a whisper. It is sooo cute. I NEVER interrupt him or make out like I can hear him - I'm just too excited to get to HEAR what his little mind is putting together.
On the way home from school most days he scarfs down a pkg of saltine crackers - yes, in the car. Then, like this hasn't happened to him 50 times, he starts whining and asking for a drink!!  Like today, different from all the other days, Mommy is going to have a drink on hand for him. I laugh when he starts, usually, but the other day I'd enough... I told him he'd have to stop whining - his drink aka "ba ba" was at home - he'd not get it until then.
Jim looked pensive, screwed up his face, and softly said "hoooome", "home", "ba ba", "ba ba home?". Then, all of the sudden his face lit up and he says, very matter of factly "I me ba ba home!", with a big grin splitting his face from ear to ear. It was a special moment, to be sure, and he knew it!
Mwah!  My boy, you are a genius!  *knowing nod*
Shoes... Jim has a fetish for shoes. No shoes are safe, whether he is in his own shoes or no. Just take your shoes off for a moment and he will whip his shoes off and put yours on. Now, see, he KNOWS they are your shoes... He will even taunt you with them occassionally. He'll hold them up, tell you they are shoes, and then just when you think you are goign to grab them, he whips them back onto his feet. He is a MASTER at high heals and cowboy boots, lest you be fooled into thinking difficult shoes are safe.
Some other cute happenings and phrases:
Tonight he picked up my glass of water, said "Me drink?", I nodded. He's been trying to drink from non-sippy cups, so water is a good place to start. :)  He tipped up the HUGE ice-cold liquid to drink and then screamed! He'd managed to dump most of it on himself. He was coughing and choking from inahling a bit, when he says hoarsely, "I may mess!" followed by a shocked, "... Wet!", to which I nodded again, a little more emphatically. Oh, and he was wearing my shoes, my red Clarks, when he did it - I think I'll avoid wearing red tomorrow.
Jim and hubby were in our Master Bathroom one morning. Jim was whining and crying so that I could barely make it out... "Whaaaaaa Meee Mine! Toooowel! Toweeel! Miiiiine!". To which I heard the firm reply, "Jim, I said No! You can't have your towel. Mommy is asleep, so hush." Just then I see the door opening, and my small sobbing boy says, suddenly very clearly and loudly, "Mommy, WAKE UP!".  I thought seriously about dying laughing, but I didn't want to encourage him.
Huffing seems to come naturally - how odd!  Jim has had a rough year in terms of chest colds. He has, on many occassions, had to comply with Dr's orders to take breathing treatments. We have a tiny little portable air compressor that we use. The air is forced through a tube and into a little chamber that contains his breathing meds. The chamber is formed so that it turns the meds into vapor, which is fed into a small mask he has to wear.
The treatments take about 15 mins to complete, but our little champion will usually sit for them, resisting only slightly. We figure it is because he knows the treatment will make him feel better. His favorite mask is one that appears to be chicken-ish. There is a chicken-type face on it, but it has a horn like a rihnocerous. So, I affectionately call it the "Chickenocerous", and I laugh every time at my wittiness.
Today Jim wasn't breathing so hot. We gave him a treatment, but it didn't seem to be working as well as usual. So, Daddy took him in to see Dr. Wonderful. Hubby and I are so used to our boy's wonderfulness, that it was a little surprising when he wowed the nurses. All he did was hold his own breathing treatment mask. Apparently, this isn't typical 20-mo old behavior when breathing treatments are applied. :)
His pulse-Oxygen level was below 90% this morninig, which isn't good, but don't you worry, he is breathing better tonight. We've been given some meds to help him breathe easier, and recover faster, in addition to the nebulizer.

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