Sunday, October 21, 2007

Much Accomplished...

I feel like I got soooooo much accomplished today! I don't know why, but I had all kinds of energy. :) Lovin' that!!!

After all the weeks of endless sleepiness I have enjoyed the past few weeks of ever-increasing energy.

Today I did the following (in order of appearance):

- Loved and hugged on my kitty Humphries until he couldn't stand it anymore and demanded breakfast. I'd say we spent an hour deliriously happy with smiles and purrs all around.

- Went for a bagel at my favorite place AND I made myself take my butt outside to eat. It was a GORGEOUS fall day! OK, I wasn't so happy about eating around the chick that was smoking while keeping her lunch friend company, but she was too far away for me to make a fuss. It was just irritating. Grrrrrrr!!!! *note: I used to smoke, so I know how she feels and I know that I still don't like to smell that while I'm eating. So, no need to chastise me in either direction.

- Went to a nearby mall and bought maternity jeans! 1st pair of truly maternity pants I've purchased! Bought a great shirt too! Lovin' that!

- On the way home realized I didn't have any good books to read, so I went to the Library. MAN it has been AGES since I went to the library! My card was so old it had to be replaced so I could use their new automated check-out system. Kinda nifty device really. :)
- got some books on tape for my commute to work
- got some new and not so new books to read - one I'm really quite interested in

- Went to the grocery store. I really shopped too - not one of those 3-items-and-you're-out trips. Nope, I hit every isle because frankly folks EVERYTHING in our house is out of date. I know this because that's the only reason I haven't used it yet. :) I've been a really creative cook lately - using everything I can to avoid having to lug my tired ass to the grocery store. Lovin' having energy!!!!

- Came home and drug all my purchases out of the car.

- Put up the groceries

- Made HOMEMADE muffins - 24 of these suckers. I wanted a large number to freeze so Bo and I will eat a little healthier in the mornings.

- Cut jump rings. I make jewelry from silver, and lately I've been focused on byzantine chain bracelets. You need lots and lots of little silver jump rings to make them. They are kind of slow to make, but very rewarding.

- Posted on Blogger. This has sadly not been very frequent lately, but hopefully with my renewed energy I will find more opportunities to get this done.

Whew!!! Now it's time to go see my hubby who is home after a week with his family in D.C. :) Goodnight, ladies and gents!


Samantha said...

Sounds like a very full and satisfying day!

mary ellen said...

Glad you had a productive day!