Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 Wks and All's... Well?

Our boy Jim is 6 wks old today. Can you believe it? 6 wks!

Thank you all for your suggestions and offers of "that's kinda normal" support on my last post. Sorry I didn't let you know how it was going sooner. We've been so busy just managing him that I forgot to post... I didn't forget to read YOUR blogs, but then again that is something I can do while I'm feeding the boy. :)

He is still on oxygen and a monitor, which sucks, but we are hopefully nearing the end of needing it. We sent his monitor results to the lab today (they are recorded and downloaded every few weeks), so we are waiting for news of his progress. If all goes well we have about another week and a half before he's done.

My poor baby has a cold though... MAN is it scary to have a stuffed-up newborn!!! You see, he didn't get that he just had to open his mouth, so he choked and sputtered and turned colors. THEN he started crying in a way I'd never heard - it was very clearly a FEAR cry. I didn't know what to do at first, which terrified me, and it was 3 AM, which terrified me, and my baby was choking on snot, which terrified me! Eventually he figured out how to breathe through his mouth and snuffle the snot down. It was a very tense 30 mins before he was calm enough to return to sleep - I was up another 30 trying not to cry from the fear.

For the new Moms out there...
1. Once they start to cry the snot breaks up some, and they will be FINE! So, crying = good.
2. No, he DOES NOT want the pacifier - he can't breathe through his nose IDIOT!
3. Find out what saline drops are and use them ASAP.
4. Don't use the bulb syringe before using the saline drops - you will both just end up frustrated and covered in snot.
5. The bouncy seat is now your best friend. Yes, he can sleep in it all night, and it will help the snot drain. He will breathe easier, and so will you.

OH, speaking of crying.... Jim is doing better at not screaming, we are getting a little more happy time each day. I am so very thankful.

We changed his formula to soy, and he seems to be having less gas. Also, passing his poots seem to hurt him MUCH less. He used to wake himself up crying needing to poot, but that is now the exception instead of the rule. As a result of less gas, he seems to be getting more/better sleep! So, I am getting more too. :) Happier Momma! YAY!

Oh, and speaking of happy... He gave me my first real SMILE this past week. I wasn't sure it was the "real thing", but I was hoping. He did it again yesterday, on cue, when I did a round of "Patty Cake" with him, using his little hands to make the motions. He actually GIGGLED folks!

Now, I have heard him giggle before, and I have seen him smile before, but having him do that, for me, on purpose, was just wonderful. I wanted him to do it again and again. I pulled out ALL my baby-giggling stops - I was ready to PLAY. No dice. He wasn't ready to play, but I'm waiting... watching... looking for playtime to begin in earnest.

Here's a happy photo his Daddy took last weekend - enjoy!


JJ said...

Happy 6 weeks little Jim--love the picture=)

Gemini Girl said...

Yes, I too had snot scare in January. Neve had it coming out of everywhere! Nose, mouth. She was crying and couldnt breathe. I didnt know what to do, so at 1 am we ran to the emregency room. They used saline drops and a bulb syringe and she was good. Now we are experts at it! They hate it though, now they are able to fight back!
He is looking beautiful. Dont worry, soon enough he will be cooing and smiling when he sees you!

Furrow said...

Zo slept in her bouncy seat or another infant seat for a couple of months. She was constantly stuffed up at the beginning, and being upright really helped.

I'm glad you're starting to come out of that new parent fog and getting to the good stuff -- smiles and giggles! Man, those first 6 weeks sucked for us. It really does start to turn around now, though.

Kate said...

I'm so glad things are improving!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I'm catching up. Wow. You're having an exciting time of it, aren't you?

I remember the new mom phase as being one terrified moment after another. It's just such a new and totally different thing. It sounds to me like you're handling it really well.

Man, he's cute.

Swearing Mother said...

Lovely baby~!!

Stacie said...

Happy Day to you! Ans so close to mine--no wonder you are so wonderful!

Stacie said...

Now that is one cute picture!

Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Awww... his first giggle. What a gorgeous picture!