Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jim, Jim, JIM!!!! It's Bedtime Already!!!!

Yesterday... Well, last night... No, maybe you'd call it this morning... Whatever!?! It was really hard, particularly when it came to bedtime. Jim wakes up about 5 or 6 AM to be fed and have the oil changed, then he usually goes right back to sleep.

Well, Bo had the misfortune of having some bottle-making issues, which gave little Jim time to get fully awake and screaming. Let's just say that dark room, sleepy Daddy, screaming kid, and "cutsie" ounce measurements* on our new "decorative" Play.tex bottles do not a good combo make. So, even though Jim did get fed and changed, he decided to stay up and scream for another hour and a half to express his extreme displeasure at having to wait. Oy vey. Poor Daddy.

About 7 AM, a very frustrated and sleepy Daddy came into my room and asked if I could take over. He just couldn't do it anymore. Of course, I agreed, even though I was really scared this was going to be a BAD morning.

For once, I felt like I had the "Mommy gene" when I picked up my son, snuggled him into the big comfy glider, and he drifted off to sleep. Oh, and it pissed Daddy right off, but that's OK. He's rescued our boy from a day with me and snuggled him into a coma WAY more than I have. :)

Oh, and Daddy, he slept until Noon - for the first time in years!

*For the record, at 7AM, more awake and in better light, I COULD NOT MAKE OUT THE OUNCES markers either!!!! I'm planning on making a call to our friend Play.tex this week. They need to have pitty on us poor tired parents.

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