Monday, November 24, 2008

Cool Weather and a Cooler Blanket!!

Well, well what do know? Our freezing-ass den is still just as ass-freezing now that we have a baby! In the 4 years since we've lived here it has always been a surprise to me just how COLD that room can get. I'm usually such a fast learner. Weird.

So, I went to the local cloth store looking for fleece to make my little man a new blanket to use as a playmat. I really didn't want to go with baby colors, since he is totally not a baby anymore - he's 8 mos old people! I mean, come on!

So, I looked at the primary colors, but didn't want to be all red and blue just because he's a boy. I didn't want to be green and brown, too drab. I didn't want to be all one color either... What is a Mother who wants to raise a cool child to do?

Me? I thought WWJD... You know, what would Julie do, over at A Little Pregnant (like I actually had to tell you who I meant!)...

I hope you find that my muse has served me well.








Love you Jim!

Be cool,
but not cold!


Eva said...

Well done!

Stacie said...

Cool is right! That is awesome!