Monday, November 24, 2008

How is it, being 8 months old?

Well, Jim seems to like being 8 months old just fine... Then again, he would probably say something more like:

At least, that is until When Mommy...

... leaves the room to run a quick errand in the kitchen.

... won't help me pull up to standing so I can knock all the books in the floor.

... won't give me a bottle 30 mins after my last one.

... insists that I sit instead of stand.

... won't hold me upright while I flail about on the couch cushions for the umpteenth time today.

... wants me to play by myself for just 5 minutes.

... wants to do much of anything besides smile and play with me.

Other than these things, I'm thinking he is having a BALL! :) Little man is somewhere around 24 lbs now! He was just shy of this mark at his last appointment a couple of weeks ago. Wow.

Jim is able to stand for long stretches of time without his legs giving out. He isn't really into taking steps of any kind, but we are working on the concept.

When he has desires that are out of his reach he sorta leans - Tower of Piza style - until he can reach it. Unfortunately without Mommy's supporting hands this method isn't likely to result in more than a bite of carpet. So, we are trying to help him learn to move one foot for bracing support during leaning. Yeah, it isn't sinking in yet, but methinks more carpet biting may help.

Little man has decided to start throwing baby tantrums. When he doesn't get what he wants he lies face down on the floor and sobs while banging his little head into the floor or back of his hands. I'm not really sure why he continues to do this as it has netted him nothing but bites of carpet. Maybe I should be more specific though, to be fair - he only throws tantrums when he is forced to spend time on his tummy/back. He really, really HATES to do tummy-time.

Frankly, I'm wondering if/when he'll figure out that he has WAY more mobility when he's doing tummy-time. Man can that boy roll! He doesn't crawl yet, but he is starting to scoot using his arms and legs. So cute.

I feel the need to perform a public service for all those new Moms out there. Pu.blic Message - If your baby can roll they CAN get into trouble, quickly. Let me illustrate with a story:

I laid Jim on his belly on the right side of the den and quickly went to the kitchen to get a paper towel to clean up kitty food that had been violently rejected by Humphries Kitty. By the time I returned to Jim, who can normally barely scoot, he had traveled the entire 20 feet of the room and had smeared kitty hork up the sleeves of both arms, on his face, and it appears into his mouth. Luckily my boy isn't the very best at getting food into his mouth on his own. Thank God for small favors. Yuck.

OK, how about some cuteness?


Kate said...

He has gotten so BIG!! Luke has been going through the 8/9 month fussiness. If we leave the room it's the end of the world, although sometimes he's fine. BTW, the place we stayed in NC was on Lake Lure and the cabins were the Mountain Village Chalets:

MrsSpock said...

I spend most of my days chasing J around myself. Not into any kitty hork, though-blech! Our gas fireplace is his favorite thing to pry into...

Eva said...

Wow--my kid is two and a quarter and weighs like 25 lbs!

I seem to recall at 9 months they have some big freak out and don't sleep, so...have fun with that.

Stacie said...

He is absolutely adorable! 24 pounds is amazing. I can't seem to get the boys passed that 20 pound mark (although I swear the doctor's scales are off).

He is just doing so well. It won't be long until he's walking. WOW.

Jason just finished his freak out stage. He will occasionally still do it, but it is rare now. He was about 9 months adjusted when he started...

ME Gregory said...

Wow he is so big and SO CUTE - love that smile. We have two cats one of which likes to projectile vomit - I sure hope we never have that story that you shared - yuck!

JJ said...

He's a cutie!!

ms. c said...

Oh! Jim's such a big big boy! How cute.
Nice story with the kitty hork. yumm!

Stacie said...

Happy 9 months, Jim!

Delenn said...

Hi, I am a Braces Bunch person, and I thought we could do something nice for JJ. She is not going to be able to travel home for the holidays, because of complications from her pregnancy. I thought that if each of us BBers could send her a piece of our "home" (something small that reminds of your traditions that you do during the holidays) she could have "home" brought to her.

Please pass along to any BBers you know. (I am emailing everyone I can know). Also, try to keep this a secret.

E said...

Too funny. I know this post is way old, but it's totally describing my life right now. AAAAGGGHHHH! I can't wait for them to be able to walk - how stupid am I?