Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life's Been A Beeeeach!!

For the last week we were with Jim at the BEEEEEEEACH for a family vacation! Woo Hoo!

So, why do I keep spelling Beach funny? That's because my little boy has learned the word, but he doesn't say it normal and short like the rest of us. I'm just thankful he got that vowel sound JUUUUUST right. :)

He seemed to like the sand on his toes, legs, hair, arms, feet, and just about everywhere the sun doesn't shine, but folks, he DOES NOT like sand and/or saltwater in his eyes. Especially when it is a shock - like when a huge wave comes out of nowhere and bowls him and his Mommy over for a fun-filled face-plant in the sand. Nope, not one bit.

Then again, Mommy didn't like it either. My Mommy-esque compromise for sitting in the mini-waves at all was that he let me keep one arm on his ankle. If I hadn't had my hand there I'm not sure what would have happened. As it was we both fell over and he was shifted about on the sand quite a bit. Yikes, huh?

All in all we had a good time. Jim learned to destroy sandcastles, while Daddy learned the fine art of fussing at a 1 yr old. Bo genuinely hoped to instill some artistic protection of his work, while Jim was trying his hand at being an art critic. Good Times!

Before we left for the trip I had sort-of put my foot down that next year I wanted to go somewhere else for our major vacation (should we be so lucky as to have one). I find that I'm re-thinking it, as it was such a good time. Watching Jim play with his little cousins (there were 4 under 2 at the house) was LOTS of fun. I so enjoyed seeing him romp and play. Being a working Mom I almost never get to see him interact with other kids - it was a beautiful thing.

Jim has some new words this week:

Rain - he learned this as a result of a really rough storm we had on Sun night :)

and he's perfecting the words:
Thank You

It is so strange to hear his speach clear up and become more adult-ish. Wow. Just, Wow. He's so not a little baby anymore.


Stacie said...

It sounds like you had a great time! You know, I live about 5 minutes from the beeeeeach and have yet to take the boys. I must do that this summer. You've inspired me! :-)

Isn't it the coolest thing to hear them actually talking and you understand what they say? I love it!

Keep updating...I miss you!

MrsSpock said...

We're having a burst of speech here too, and it's so weird. It feels like he is absorbing and repeating every word he hears. I've had to put the kibosh on my potty mouth.