Sunday, July 26, 2009

Over The River and Through The Woods...

So, I took my new little red RAV4 to Grandma's - just Jim and I went. We had a grand old time!

I'm so proud of my new car - I saved up 1/2 of the cost, so I owe just under $11,000 on a BRAND NEW car, I bought a mini-SUV, and I got an average of 29 MPG on the trip with the AC on!!!! Wow, huh?

I'm proud of my boy too! He made it the whole way to/from my parents house (5 hr trip) without any major meltdowns or demands that I let him out of his seat! Wow, really, wow.

Grandma and Granpa both got such a kick out of seeing him, and he just lit up when he recognized them. He soooo loves my Daddy. I just melt everytime I see them together. I so wish they could be together more often. I would move home if I thought hubby and I had any hope of finding good jobs.

We had a great time on Saturday night - my brother, his wife and daughter, and my brother-in-law and Sister-in-law. We all played and ate and had a great time swapping stories and comparing Jim's quirks to different people in the family. The whole evening was great.

This morning we wore Jim out playing, then Grandma gave him a bath while my Dad and I picked up toys and packed my things in the car. We gave Jim a bite to eat and a ba-ba then plopped him in his carseat. He slept for 2 1/2 hours. Yay! Once he did wake up, we played and talked back and forth with stuffed animals and silly faces.

Hope everyone out there in bloggy-land has as great a weekend as I did!!

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