Friday, September 4, 2009

US at 7.25 Wks - To Be Precise...

Our RE ultrasound tech, whom I love, but I find somewhat interesting was very, very precise when she gave us the answer to "what day are you on?" today. I found it quite funny, and giggled a bit, but couldn't bring myself to poke fun - I was nervous about the wanding that was about to foretell my future.

I won't bury the lead - everything was fine! Baby was measuring exactly 7.25 days! YAY! We were just barely able to hear a heartbeat. We didn't measure it, but I was fine and dandy with that.

I am to repeat my scan in 1 1/2 wks and then I'll be officially released to an OB. However, due to my # of wks presently, I'm to find an OB before I come back. How odd, and yet comforting - no lag between "Captains" of this PG trip we have embarked on.

I have had a pretty OK day on the symptoms front. I craved sweets like a mo-foe though, so I convinced a sweeter than pie work-friend to play hookey for a tiny amount of time today and we ran to Costco to get ICE CREAM! See, that is a real friend, right there... I DID get a brand that will be kind to me in the weight and sugar department, but damn was I happy to eat that yummy bar!!!

Jim had to come home from school today - he had a fever. He looked like crap when I came to get him - at home his temp was 102.o. We laid around, played with puzzles, watched some Sesame Street online. See. THAT is the BEST use of the internet yet - SStreet on demand - 24/7 and you can PICK the freakin' show you want to see! You don't have to suffer through the Pinball that only goes to 4, when you know damn well you only want to see 12!!! Damn, I'm hooked, and I so totally remember some of these shows when they were NEW. Wow.

Jim dozed off early, while happily watching Elmo in Mommy's lap. So we dosed him with Tyl.enol and put him to bed.

Hubby is home from a long day at work and is complaining of a "nose issue", which most likely means we both have colds, given that I'm feeling the very same thing. On top of that, I have nausea that is waaaaaay more than PG nausea for me. I'm hoping I didn't catch hubby's stomach bug. Ugh.

Going to bed - catch you guys later!


Heather said...

Hope you ALL feel much better soon!!

MrsSpock said...

Hooray for growing babies!

I am going to have to try that SS on demand- J has a fever this weekend too...

Mrs M@sk said...

YAY to measuring perfectly!

Julia said...

Great news! Sorry about the colds but pleased about the perfect ultrasound.