Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 Hours of Life and Death

Last night I sat on my couch and I cried long hard sobbing tears over the loss of Vee's hubby Alex (aka Max).
I wondered how could the world be so cruel to take away one so young and well-loved. How unfair! He needed to live, to be here for his lovely wife and son. Then I stopped and thought about how much "extra" time he got - way beyond what the Doctors thought he was to be alloted. That's when I realized he DID live - to the fullest, as his body and time would allow. He got loves and kisses from his son. He got to hear "Dada" when he wasn't expected to be here even for the birth. Maybe, just maybe, he was able to stick around longer simply because he was so well loved and had so much to live for. 
We knew him through the words and images that he and Vee shared with the world. I, for one, wish to thank them for being willing to share the rawness of their lives and their love. There are so many that will miss him, even though they never met him.
Today, I cried tears of joy at the great 12wk Nuchal Translucency US report we received. Everyone was smiles and laughter, talking and sharing good stories. It was like a party in our US suite. Hubby actually took the pictures from the US and rocked them, imagining them as his bundle of joy in his arms in a few short months. It was magical. I feel like celebrating.
12 hours, such a short time, and yet it is enough to go from cursing the world for its cruelty to blessing it for its gifts.


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I'm so glad your US went well!!!