Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sometimes Coming Home is the Treat

Jim made coming back from vacation a real treat! 
I'd been away for about 4 days - girls' weekend in San Antonio with my Mom and a friend. It was a blast. I arrived home just as bedtime ensued, and I was greeted by my baby boy flying down the hall, arms out, so fast that he ran into my legs, bounced off, and almost fell - but I caught him up and swung him around for hugs and kisses. I walked with him to his room while he burrowed into my neck.
Daddy did NOT look so happy to see me... turns out he was just exhausted, and was VERY happy to have a relief pitcher. While Daddy slunk off to get some rest I put Jim on the changing table. Suddenly Jim grabbed both my hands, he looked up so seriously and said, "MOMMY!  Kiss my cheek!" - he pointed to JUST the spot I should kiss.  It was the GREATEST kiss request I think I've ever gotten. So wonderful!  He continued to point to cheeks, eyes, and forehead, demanding more and we ended up in a kissing tangle of faces, bellies, and arms all in a jumble - it was pure bliss. He laughed harder with each kiss -- so did I.  


Vee said...

What a delicious moment!

ME Gregory said...

those are the best moments - glad you are safely home!

MrsSpock said...

We are planning a couple vacations (going to Chicago for a foodie vacay with Mr S and Charleston with a friend in Sept), and I am VERY nervous about being away from J. Jim did OK, I gather?