Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everybody Dance Now!

We had a follow-up 9 1/2-wk US with the RE today.
A dancing gummy bear has never looked so sweet, I'll assure you. Baby B is measuring right on track, and is dancing up a storm - waiving it's little arms and leggies.
I have to say, I'm very excited, and starting to look forward to November. I know, it's early, and things can certainly still go wrong, but I'm going to try to enjoy this damn it. For as long as I'm allowed. Maybe I'll even act blissfully ignorant that anything CAN go wrong. That would be a novel approch, huh? :)
I was sad to see that Baby A wasn't actully there and thriving... as expected though, it is shrinking. You know, even when you know the truth, you still want them to be wrong. Then again, I'm still OK that there's only one baby. It's an odd mix of emotions.
I've setup my Perinatologist's vist for May 10th - 12 wks3d.


Furrow said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is on track. You know, my loss doesn't really compare to yours since it was so much earlier, but I did find that, oddly enough, I worried much less in the subsequent pregnancy (my current one). Maybe it's from realizing how little control we really have.

MrsSpock said...

Great to hear the little one is still thriving.

Stacie said...

Yeah for dancing! :-)