Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boo Life Lessons

Yesterday I was driving through one of "those intersections" - you know the ones where you KNOW there will be at least 1 fool who will try to hit you (or make you hit them).

In this particular intersection people us a "go straight" lane to force their way into line on an on-ramp instead of getting into the on-ramp lane. I have grown tired of the stpidity, and was determined to be prepared for the fool yesterday.

So I stayed close to the car in front of me (but not too close). As I entered the on-ramp I didn't see a fool, but I KNEW there was one!

Sure enough, a grey Volvo race up beside me and tried to force their way into my lane, even though there was NO ROOM.

I rufused to make room and I laid on the horn. At 1st I think I scared the driver in front of me, but the held steady and kept the gap closed. That volvo rode 80% of the ramp in the emergency lane, until she finally gave up and dropped behind me.

I felt vindicated, until I heard a loud reprimand from the back seat, "NOT NICE MOMMY!".

Since then I've question was I doing right, or was I just being not nice? I KNOW the other person was in the wrong, but should I have relented? I'm not sure - when I thought about how to explain it, I couldn't. ;)

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MrsSpock said...

Hmmm...tough call. The other driver was def in the wrong, and the horn is there to protect ourselves and say "Hey dude! Don't hit me!"

If you didn't cuss and sass at them, I say it wasn't that bad. And other drivers do need to be safely and politely reminded that we SHARE the road.

Heather said...

I'm not looking forward to Katherine getting older - being able to repeat my words or better yet when she can judge me...

The other driver was COMPLETELY in the wrong and I'm mad at them!!

(my word verification includes the word: shove - that driver needs to be shoved down and kicked)

Anonymous said...

You must live by me... why is it that people don't understand what yield means? What is the point in getting one car ahead? I have done that before as well as I jsut do NOT understand where the nice drivers are. Also, why do people think that they should sit in the left lane blocking up all traffic? That is just wrong too. let the "speeders" pass and get a ticket, but if I want to go 5mph over LET ME.. Jerks.. and they wonder about road rage stuff.. gah ..DC traffic.
--JJ(another one)