Friday, April 9, 2010

Cousins Make Good Friends

I'm sitting here on my couch, trying to get some work in before my son, brother, and niece wake up. My neice (14) slept in my son's (2) room last night, and they are slowly waking to each other's company.  
Neither my neice or my son seem to realize that I'm awake, so I'm being treated to little snatches of whispered conversation over the video monitor. They are talking, playing with toys, and in general having a good time. I'd hate to spoil their fun by letting them know I'm awake and there's no need to be secretive. :)
I sure hope we'll get to do something fun today - I'm thinking the zoo, or one of our many great playground/parks.
We have a great playground system here - before I had kids I had NO idea... Now I'm starting to learn about them and take in their amenities. Who knew I'd be one to say "Let's go to to the park!" on a long and lazy Saturday afternoon. I love their play structures - they are big and strong enough for adults to play too. Wheeeeeeee!
The "new bump" seems to be hanging in there. Nothing new to report there, just that no news seems to be good news for now. I have my 1st US on Monday. I'm kinda calm about it, but a little anxious about it too. I feel like everything is OK, whereas I didn't last time pretty much from the start.
My 1st OB appointment is set for 4/21. I cried at the irony of it, both the joy and greif. My lost baby was due on 4/20. I'm so sad she is gone, but happy to be pregnant again, so the pain is greatly lessened.
I haven't been keeping up lately with everyone - lately I've been in bed just mins after putting my little on to sleep. I seem to be starting to get my energy back though, so maybe I'll be able to catch up soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

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