Monday, August 9, 2010

24W2D Peri Visit

Went to see the Peri again today - all is looking good. He was pleased with the baby's progress and reported that the fluid looked good in there today. She was punching and kicking a lot (has been all day), so we got a good look at her most-recent favorite activity - kicking the fool outta Mommy.

I'm getting pretty darned uncomfortable. She's kicking hard now, and my belly isn't taking it in stride. When I stand up I feel like 20lbs of lead is hanging from my mid-section, and it kicks. It simply feels like there is no room in there for her.

My belly is tensing up often (probably my old friend B. Hicks). I'm often in actual pain when standing - as standing seems to make the tensing of my belly worse. Anyone have any ideas how to combat this discomfort?!?!?!

Our boy Jim had a "red letter" day about 4 days ago! (aka. a day so special the calendar date is shown in red) He started WEARING UNDERWEAR!!!!! From about 10 AM each day to somewhere after dinner he is successfully wearing underwear!! We've had 2 accidents in about 4 days of wearing real big-boy underwear. I consider that to be EXCEPTIONAL! YAY!!!

On top of that greatness, we've had a breakthrough in his voicing his "I gotta go potty!". That's a major milestone - before he would never tell us, we'd just find out after he was wet/dirty. He's even taking himself to the potty on some mornings now - he says, "I do it myself!". OH, and TMI for his future-self, but he's ALSO doing #1 standing up. He's been doing that for several months now, but it is soooo darned cool to see him assume the position with confidence.

Jim is asking LOTS about his "baby si-ser" these days (note there is no t in the word). Often he asks, "Is your baby OK?", or "You got a baby in your belly?", or "When is baby sis-er coming home?". It is sooo sweet. He's even starting to get quite protective of me and her. I scolded our cat Humphries, but Jim didn't see the "reason" for it, so he asks, "Humphries, did you bite Mommy? No! No!", to which I replied that Humphries doesn't bite and Mommy isn't hurt. Then he said, "Humphries, did you walk on Mommy's baby?!? No! No, Humphries!". I don't think he ever got it that Mr. H was just being anoying - he didnt' do anything to really deserve scolding, but it was sweet nonetheless.

Lastly... and probably most funny... Jim seems confused about the baby's whereabouts on my body. He understands the baby is "in my tummy", but when he looks at me before/after shower, etc. he seems to think my boobs are somehow related to her whereabouts. He keeps trying to figure it out, and so we once-again point out the BELLY and how HUGE it is. Alas, he's no wiser about her location. :) That's just fine though. :)

I'm often thinking of my bloggy friends. I wish I could make myself blog more often though. I kinda suck at the whole "give" part of give-and-take these days.

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MrsSpock said...

I keep trying to bring up the baby thing to J, but of course he is too little to understand. I was looking at a blog with pictures of a new baby yesterday, though, and he really wanted to see the baby. I asked him, "Would you like us to have a baby in this house?" He paused, and then said with a sigh, "Yeah."