Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Reason for the Season

Jim arrived at Nana's house to a room full of presents. I doubt he can remember last Christmas, so he has never seen such a thing. He asked, "Are all these presents for me?". As we tried to explain the reason for the gifts we pointed out that everyone would be getting gifts tomorrow, to which he replied delightedly, "Tomorrow is everyone's Birthday?".

I have to say, although my family is religious (and we are Christians) we are not of a faith that celebrates Christmas as a religious holiday. We celebrate it as a family holiday, and we enjoy it mightily. There are some nativity figures in some of our houses, and some of us send religious greeting cards, but primarily it is just a time for family to get together and share in good times.

Here's an odd confession for you... I was in almost in my tweens before I made a solid connection between Christmas and Jesus. I remember it, quite well actually, the very moment I made that connection. As we drove past a church that had a live nativity I saw that they had a huge Christmas tree, it was right beside the life-size nativity, THEN I saw the church sign saying "The Reason for the Season". It clicked, like I'd be hit in the head with brick thrown by baby Jesus himself. Hard to believe, I know.

When I tell you I'm a "live and let live" sort of person, you can really believe it. K?

Oh, just to balance this story evenly... Jim also didn't know what to do when he saw Santa. He kinda looked at me like, why are you setting me on this man's lap? Our grouchy Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas... and... nothing. Jim wouldn't answer him. We couldn't get him to answer. He hadn't a clue what we were talking about. I guess that explains why he didn't ask me for presents every day since September, huh?

I think I forgot to tell him that part. Ooooppps! (not that I'm displeased to miss the joy of being haggled by a 2 1/2 yr old.)

Happy Holiday that to Jim Appears to Have No Reason!! HA!

I'm a bad Mommy. I'll just turn in my Mommy card now.

However, I'll ask if I get redeemed because I let Jim open all Miss M's presents for her. Maybe?


HereWeGoAJen said...

We haven't bothered to mention Santa to Elizabeth. Or Christmas, actually. I mean, she realizes that SOMETHING is going on, but I figure it is still a little too abstract for her to handle at this point. Maybe next year?

(And she knows who Santa is, actually, she thinks he is a scary guy that makes children sit on his lap against their will. With her having that idea, I figured mentioning him in conjunction with presents would probably just make her refuse to open the presents.)

MrsSpock said...

J knows who Santa is but has zero concept of getting presents from him. We don't do Christmas as religion, being heathens, but we have a tree with lights and a few decorations. I think J likes singing Christmas songs at day care more than anything.

Bea said...

Heh. Yeah, we are still putting a few concepts together here. Somehow Fireman Sam seems to play a strong part in the Christmas tale... but I'm sure he'll sort it out.

Merry Christmas, though!