Monday, March 3, 2008

2 Days and Counting...

Baby delivery plan update...

I met with the Perinatologist this morning - they updated the baby's measurements and said they don't recommend I try an induction.

You know how they measure the baby and tell you what percentile the baby is in? Well, this baby's head is measuring "off the charts" according to Dr. LZ. He said the baby's body isn't so big compared to the chart now (I got kudos for good diabetes management), but the baby's head circumference is in the 99th percentile, which is way out of normal. He said there didn't appear to be anything wrong with baby's brain or head structures, so nothing to worry about, just that we've got a big-headed baby.

So, he did tell me I could try to deliver normally, but that he had very little hope that I would be able to get further than dilating. With that being the case, we are just going to go for a C-section Wednesday as planned.

I'm soooo glad to finally have a definite answer to "What to do?", and I'm quite relaxed about the whole thing.

I've started making a list of things I should shift downstairs so that I'll be comfortable after I come back home. I've been told to plan to stay off the stairs for about 2 wks. I can go up for occasional showers, but that's it. My parents plan to be here, and Bo, so I know I can get stuff brought to me. I figure there are some things like sheets for the downstairs bed, jammies, hair ties, toiletries, etc that just make sense to relocate BEFORE I'm in pain. :) If anyone has any must-haves to suggest, please do!

We have our pre-op appt tomorrow with the OB that is doing the C-section. Then it is just a waiting game!


Stacie said...

Yikes! I am with you and say yeah for c-sections! I don't even want to imagine a little head coming out of me, much less a 99%ile head! Makes me want to squeeze my legs together! :-)

Good idea about moving everything downstairs. I might add that I had trouble getting in and out of my very tall bed. I finally got my husband to get me a little step type thing to help. It was a killer.

Make sure to take your pain meds and don't try to tough it out. Once the pain starts taking hold, it is hard to get rid of it! I thought I didn't need them, and boy did I suffer!

Ummm, the nursery is downstairs, too, right? If not, you will need something for downstairs so she/he can be near you (and you might like it even if the baby is downstairs so you don't have to constantly get up and move). I liked the little co-sleepers that bru sells. They can actually fit on your bed, so your baby is right there.

That is all I can think of right now. I'll keep my thinking cap on just in case something else pops into my head.

I am soooooo excited for you!

Oh, would you be willing to send me your address? I promise I am not a psycho. I want to send a little something your way... email me!

ME Gregory said...

Your de-lurking mobile friend again, here - just to say good luck with everything on Wednesday. It sounds like the c-section is best for everyone. I am so happy for you that you get to meet your little one in just a couple days - I remember first reading your blog when the countdown ticker was in the 100's and mine was in the 200's (I'm due May 4) so it is just great to see your progress. Congrats again and can't wait to see pictures! Meme G. (Stacie's friend).

ultimatejourney said...

You must be going out of your mind with excitement knowing you'll be holding your baby so soon! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Gemini Girl said...

omg- YEAHY!

Tomorrow is the big day. I am so happy for you. Look how far you have come in the past few months? I am wishing you a healhty and quick recovery from the c-section. You will never know the love you have in your heart until you meet that little person. I cant wait for pictures and updates!

MrsSpock said...

I hope things go well tomorrow! Remember that as far as pain goes, if you wait until it hits a 9 or 10, the meds will only take it down to a 5 or 6, but if you take it consistently round the clock, whether you think you need them or not, it will keep it a manageable 3 or less.

m said...

Wednesday? That's tomorrow!!!! I'll be thinking of you.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Okay. The clock has ticked itself right away. It's Tuesday night and it's almost time!!

Good luck, hang in there, you're going to do great...

You're gonna be a mom by this time tomorrow!!

Keep us posted when you can.