Monday, March 17, 2008

Updates To My Blog

I'm making some updates to my blog now that little Jim is here... For a while at least, I expect my blog to be all about new-mommyhood no infertility.

I hope all of you that read my blog will hang with me for the ride. I'll of course understand if you don't, but I'll miss you!

Fair warning: All future posts are likely to contain photos of my son. This being the case, I don't plan to put "baby picture below" warnings on all my posts. I've been grateful in the past to people that did use these warnings, but I'm not likely to remember to do so with my sleep-deprived brain.

I need to choose a new blog name, since "Nearlypregnant" is no longer really accurate. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment!

Poll Outcomes:

What is the sex of the baby? Male, of course! The majority ruled!
20 votes collected:
male 13 votes - 65%
female 7 votes - 35%

When do you predict baby will arrive? Those that guessed the beginning of 39 wks were right on! Of course, I was hoping for earlier, but hey, it all worked out right!

35 wks - end of week 0 (0%)
36 wks - beginning of week 1 (5%)
36 wks - end of week 1 (5%)
37 wks - beginning of week 1 (5%)
37 wks - end of week 3 (17%)
38 wks - beginning of week 4 (23%)
38 wks - end of week 2 (11%)
39 wks - beginning of week 2 (11%)
39 wks - end of week 0 (0%)
40 wks - 'cause I'm evil like that 3 (17%)


Stacie said...

Your new title should be "A New Dawn". What do you think?

I picked everything wrong--pegged you for a girl and had you at 40 weeks. Good thing I don't make a living at predictions!

orodemniades said...

oo, I like A New Dawn, too!

Doesn't it feel like he's been there forever??