Thursday, March 27, 2008

22 Days or 3 Weeks 1 day - Sleepless Study

Ah, my sweet boy. Asleep. Isn't he just precious?!?! Gotta love'em.

However, Mommy isn't sleeping nearly so sweetly... I really need sleep... Tonight is hubby's night to take Jim. I hope I get a really good night's rest, but I realize that something could occur to make it less than restful. So, I'm going into it with the idea that just sleeping in my own bed will be a bonus. :)

Folks, getting time to take pictures, much less post pictures is HARD! Who knew one little, bitty baby could wreak such havoc on my life? Oh yeah, everyone that has had kids... So, in my world, that is everyone but hubby and I until a few short weeks ago.

I NOW understand why getting a shower is a HUGE challenge, and brushing your teeth maybe done with baby in hand. LOL

Today, for example, I begged one of the ladies that cleans our house (every 2 wks, for my sanity) to give Jim part of his bottle so that I could go to the bathroom without him screaming.

I know, I sound like a wimp, but his NEEEEEEED for a bottle coincided EXACTLY with my NEEEEEEED to pee! I haven't figured out how to go pee and hold a kid yet - at least as I prefer it, on the toilet - I'm sure I'll get there.

I CAN lay my son down, I really do not carry him all day. I just happen to have had no sleep last night, felt like hell, he woke up screaming, and I had to have help. Otherwise, Jim was destined to find out how our bathroom's tile flooring felt - up close and personal like.

I know, you are thinking - lay him in the middle of the bed! Dummy! Yeah, I have a cat Humphries that's not pro-Jim. No deal. I haven't seen Humphries be aggressive, he really, really avoids Jim. However, that 5 mins in the bathroom could cost me a lifetime of pain if things went wrong.

Jim couldn't use the bouncer we had for him, it is too upright... Due to my need to park him, I had a friend recommend a bouncer that is sized right for our boy. So, I now have a place I can park his bottom for a few mins (it was downstairs during my need). The bouncy has already paid for itself - bigtime -- $44.00 for 30 mins of non-screaming baby. Goodtimes!!

Ooops - his royalness is awake - let the screaming commence!

BTW - I refer to him as screaming mostly because that is what he's been doing lately. We think we've narrowed the problem to his formula. We switched to a "sensitive" version, and hope that once it has had time to work through his system we will be back to happy baby.

Right now we have screaming time about every 2 1/2 hrs, with some wakeful time and more screaming between naps/bottles/changes. The screaming seems to be deminishing with the formula change - thank you God.

Oh, and I so totally am keeping my mouth shut about all of this with my few childless friends - I don't want to scare them away from joining me on this, our baby adventure. I mean really, little Jim NEEDS some playmates!!!

OK - so I washed Jim's hair... I laughed and laughed over the change in my baby's appearance. I love him, really I do, but this was too funny... See what you think?

With one wash he went from "Young Replublican Hair" to "Young Punk Hair". Ah! I should have read the darned label - Dry clean ONLY! Doh!

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MrsSpock said...

I'm kind of not looking forward to finding out why no one seems to get a shower myself...

I love the punk rock hair!