Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clinic 1 - Nearlydawn 0


The clinic today told me very pointedly that I wasn't supposed to come in until day 2. But, my f'ing cycle sheet VERY CLEARLY says to come in on day 1 and start meds on day 2. I explained it MUCH more nicely, than that, but I wanted to yell, which might have been perceptable - maybe. So the lady talked to me like I was 5 and was asking for candy before dinner.

I HATE it when people act like they didn't tell me something they very well did! AND I have it in writing. I also confirmed 2 seperate times that I was SUPPOSED to call if CD1 was over the weekend and was told YES. 

I'm totally OK with plans changing, but don't act like it is solely because of MY misunderstanding. UGH!

Then hubby pestered me the REST of the damned day because he DOES NOT like it when plans change. He can't seem to remember how this shit works, even though we did 3 years of cycles, and so he finally gets frustrated and asks what he's been chewing on all morning, "How will this affect our plans if you have to skip it and do it next month?!?!". He's having some tests run that require a CT, but he can only put them off so long. So, it's important that we don't have a month-long delay in baby-making.

I lost it and yelled at him - "How COULD you forget 3 years of shit? I'm not going to MISS a MONTH, it's just going to be a pain-in-the-ass to get in before work, then work in a shot tomorrow!". It was a rough morning, I'll tell you. Our argument lasted a while... He obviously didn't like being yelled at, and I don't like that he's not able to keep up with the game. sigh.

Well... tomorrow's a very early day for me (gotta get into the clinic before work). Night ya'll!


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Heather said...

I'm sorry.

We are constantly having those fights. It is like riding a do they not remember all the shit we went through?

stickybun07 said...

First...very exciting that your cycling again. I have everything crossed and am hoping for you.

Second; that's SO frustrating that they screwed up the dates, then talked down to you. Argh. And, yes, my gunny has IF amnesia, too. It really frustrates me, too because I feel like we don't have that option since it's us going through it all.