Sunday, February 21, 2010

Proud Mommy Time... Avert Your Eyes...

Next week is Jim's 2nd Birthday!
Before it is alllll about him for a month, let's talk about how proud I am.... of me, my hubby, and of my boy.
I have succeeded in getting Jim to the cusp of 2 yrs old  without him being addicted to TV, soda, sweets, french fries (or any other type of food), cussing, or any Disney or Pixar character. If your kid has any of these addictions, do know I don't judge, I'm just talking about what's going on in my house. WE love a good movie night of cartoons, like everyone, but hubby and I are kinda low-dose TV people, even for ourselves.
Oh, and Jim is polite too - he says "thank you", "please", and "yeah" -- I'm so proud!
He's soooooo talkative, which is outside the norm at this age. He's saying full sentences while some of his peers are just starting the basic words. Again - I'm not judging, I'm just telling how it is in my house. I'm very greatful for my son's communication skills, but I know it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of success or happiness in life. It can't hurt though, right? I've had people say to me, "He's a Genius", and I say no, he just has parents that talk A LOT! :) 
 - Yesterday, in a parking lot, he said, "That man park car?" and I agreed. He then said, "Jim park car Tooooo?". I was terribly impressed, but insisted he was a little to young yet. :)
 - It is so fun to challenge Jim to say new words - tonight he said "Croissant". It came out all French too - with lots of oooey gooey vowels - delicious!
 - Hubby came into Jim's room during naptime - Jim was standing in his crib. Daddy said "Jim, aren't you supposed to be taking a nap?". He says, all serious, "Yeah", and Daddy replies, "Are you going to take a nap?", to which our sage son laughingly replies, "Noooooooo!" while shaking his head.
 - He is getting GREAT at using combos of words to get across his meaning - he keeps trying combos of things until he's sure we get it. It's kinda like charades for toddlers... 
             Jim:  Where's my Su-zan?
              US:  Susan isn't here. She went to her house.
             Jim:  Her house? Su-zan house? Su-zan go bye bye?
              US:  Yes, Su-zan go bye bye. Remember she went on an airplane?
             Jim:  Jim go Su-zan house? Go airplane?  Vrooooom... while he dive bombs the bed.
              US:  Um, not quite like that, but yeah.
He's also started making up silly songs - hubby and I are ALWAYS making up stupid songs to match what we're doing. His song tonight was sung at the table, while holding his plate aloft he sang, "I'm doooooooone... iiiiiiiiii'm doo-ooo-one!" and when I told him to stop, that I'd heard him, he looked at me dead serious and snarkily said "I'm SINGING!" and continued to sing all silly. I cracked. the. fuck. up. and kissed his alfredo-covered cheeks.
Wonderful times, wonderful times!
This message has been brought to you by one proud Mommy. :)  A little toot of my own horn every now and then will hopefully be OK with the bloggy universe.


Heather said...

He is hilarious!! That is early for him to be talking so well - what a brilliant boy!!

stickybun07 said...

So funny! It's such a fun age--so glad you're enjoying it with such a happy boy. :-)

ME Gregory said...

Jim is awesome - thanks for sharing!

MrsSpock said...

Two! For us, the two years have gone by impossibly fast. Jim is quite the comedian!