Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do you feel lucky? Do you?

Tomorrow is CD1 for IVF #3

I'm asking myself the questions... The hard questions.

Will this work? What if it does work? How do I feel about that?

Am I feeling lucky? Am I?
Feel free to mentally add the word "punk" to the question - it's much funnier that way :)

Whatever else I feel, I do feel like things are right. I don't know if that means it will work, or not, but it feels OK. I'm not stressed. Not nervous. Not antsy to just be done. I'm kinda calm - maybe that's what you get after so much trying? I'm not sure.


Hubby took me out on a date last night - including a VERY late night/early morning concert for a band I love - front row center. I thouroughly enjoyed myself. The night was capped off by the singer, onstage at the concert, looking right at me and saying diretly to me, "That is a truly beautiful smile, it really is". He said it more than once. I know it's very teenager of me, but it made my day... Today too, for that matter.

You know part of the reason why? Because I'm not a skinny-mini person. I'm not a classic beauty. I'm not a lot of things that other women are, but I'm usually pretty happy to be me.

I have an odd habit that probably plays into his comment... I work hard at smiling at people - I make sure to make eye contact, nod, and smile. People like it, and I like it. I'm thought of as friendly because of that one simple act.

Hubby says I make friends easily. No, it's not really true, but I DO make aquantances easy, because I smile at people and make and effort to meet new people. I have very few real friends. Interestingly, many, many of the people on my bloglist (over there ----->) are people that I refer to as friends.

Anyway... Having the lead singer notice me is pretty sweet. Especially when the tall-dark-beauty behind me THOUGHT he was talking to her - he corrected her. HA! :) Score one for the regular-people mommy with a pretty smile. Go ME! Oh, and I leaned back and said to hubby, "Watch out Big Sandy likes my smile!" and he replied, "So do I, my lovely Bride. I keep telling you how wonderful your smile is. Maybe now you'll believe me." I do believe him more now - odd isn't it?

Have a good one guys - I'll hopefully be off getting my CD1 workup done tomorrow morning! I'll let you know what they have to say.


Shazz said...

Wishing you good luck for #3!! Will be quietly stalking lol.

Kelly said...

Good luck!!.. we just finished our 3rd ivf cycle too and now we're 7 weeks pg so I think you'll have the same luck!!! Saying prayers!!!

Heather said...

3 is a very wonderful number. I have LOTS of Hope!!

SWOON! Lead singer - check. Fave band - inner teenager is squealing for you!!


MrsSpock said...

I hope this is a lucky cycle for you.

Are you able to disclose who this hot lead singer was?