Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just A Quick Upate...

Yep, still here, still pregnant, and still reading all of your blogs!!! However, I've not felt like commenting much so I hope you all will forgive me if I seem a bit distant.

Being laid off work and unable to find new work has left me feeling a little like I'm on bed rest. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and I can't afford to do it even if I could think of something. :(

ANYWAY! On to more interesting news...

Last Thursday we had a GREAT ultrasound at the peri's office! He said things are going great, other than the fact that baby is very large for this stage. He's hoping the GD diet will help slow the baby's growth just a tad. The GD diet isn't so great, and I fell off the wagon for a few days over the weekend, so I'm not sure how happy he'll be when we visit next.

BTW - at both Dr's offices we've moved into the "visit every 2 weeks" stage! I never thought we would get to this point. It is so sureal...

Sunday we went to our first Childbirth Prep class (1 of 4). That was very interesting - mostly because I have never been around that many pregnant people at one time. It also struck me that HEY! I'm one of the pregnant people in the room!!! OMG! So weird, huh? Interesting, and yet a "duh" kind of moment too! We didn't really cover much true content, but we got to know each other a little better, which seemed to open up communication and ease everyone's tension a bit.

I just sent a note to our doula to setup our consultation for the birth plan. I'd like to do this soon, just in case the OB is right and we are a bit early. I'm also working on what the packing list needs to contain. You ladies are the best source of "real" advice on what to bring. So many of you have made it to the other side and blogged about what worked and what didn't. I love getting real advice - you just can't beat having knowledgeable girlfriends to ask!!!!

Tomorrow we will take part in 2 big events - 1) Former workplace baby shower and 2) Hospital Tour! Hubby still works at the company I was just laid off from, and they are giving us a co-ed dual shower. It will be great fun to see everyone again. I hope to have time to do some wandering and seeing people that don't come to the shower too.

The Hospital Tour is something I'm really, really looking forward to. I've been there 2 times to visit friends who delivered there, but I visited the postpartum rooms, not the delivery rooms. I hope to be happy with the place. I understand that it is a great place to give birth - very comfortable and large rooms, which is great for having visitors.

Well, that's all the news that is news for now... I'll try to check in soon with US pics from Thursday and an update on how tomorrow went.


Tam said...

Just checking and saying hi, glad that things are still going well!

Wishing you all the best for 2008 sweetie!

Kate said...

Glad to hear that you are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that all is well!

Stacie said...

I'm glad that you updated. I was starting to worry about you!

Hope that you have a lot of fun at you classes and at the hospital!

You're almost 32 weeks! Woohoo!

Debbie said...

Hi girl! I love your honest about realizing you are one of the pregnant girls in the room too! What a great feeling, I can't wait for that.

Just checking in to see how your progress is going. I would love for you to continue to be a part of mine journey!