Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things Seem Steady with A Chance of a Prom...

I went to the OB today - which started with a non-stress test (NST), which of course caused me to stress last night wondering about what the results would be.

I had to chase him/her around my belly for a good 45 minutes. Eventually giving up the straps that hold the monitor on, because s/he didn't keep still! The nurses were quite complementary with each check on my progress. All went well, the baby did wonderfully! Turns out that being hard to monitor is a GOOD sign.

Then we met with the OB Dr. Informed-n-Nice. Um, where has this guy been during all my long months of wondering if I'm at the wrong practice? He was polite, friendly, and seemed to not only KNOW my case, but was more than happy to answer ANY of my questions! It was sheer OB nirvana for little ol' me (and hubby too).

Dr. Informed-n-Nice reviewed the NST tape, and pronounced the baby as "Doing Great!" and proceeded to praise me also for my great GD blood sugar numbers. Actually, he wondered aloud if his own blood sugar numbers would be as good if he were to monitor for 4 days.

He also said the Peri had called him and said he was very, very happy with the 4 days worth of #'s they had. I go back to the Peri on Monday to repeat the measurements, so we'll see if my GD diligence has paid off in reduced fluid and leveled growth.

On to my questions... I asked, in detail, about the other potential causes of the polyhydromos - see yesterday's blog for the list. After he got over the shock of my familiarity with the syndrome and its causes, he said he thought most of those items would have been seen by the Peri on US several weeks ago. He thinks the chances are low that it is something other than the GD. He did say a bowel obstruction would be hard to detect, but that was a rare cause of this type of issue. So, I'll keep a mental note to diligently watch for it after baby is here.

One aside...Why are Drs always so shocked when patients know what they are talking about? The look on his face was priceless when I asked about "esophageal atresia" and possible "fistulas and blockages". I have to wonder, what do other patients do when they get bad news? Hmmm.

So, overall we have had a good report pending Monday's measurements. If that goes well then we will wash.rinse.repeat until baby makes a spontaneous appearance or until, as Dr. Nice put it, "being in isn't as healthy as being out".

Until baby is here I am to watch for signs of PROM (who knew I would have a chance at a prom ever again?) Preterm Rupture of Membranes - from the added amniotic fluid's excess pressure. Basically I am to go straight to the nearest ER if this should occur due to the likelihood of cord prolapse and the need for an emergency cesarean. So, we may still be in for an exciting ride... Hang on tight!!


Topcat is fiery, said...

Wow Dawn ... things are steaming ahead in your neck of the woods! That doc today sounded great, and good on you for being so well-informed.

I'll be thinking of you, and wish you much good wishes in your remaining pregnancy time left. (I remember when you got your BFP!! Doesn't time fly when you're growing a baby!!)

Much love xoxoxoxo

MrsSpock said...

Hopefully you will get to be the nerdy girl who doesn't get asked to the PROM...

I'm hoping I won't end up failing my 3-hour test- I know I'll have a real problem maintaining the discipline of a GD diet...Good for you and your great numbers...

Natalie said...

That doc sounds great!

And as for what other people do? I think they just cry and do what the doctors say. I'm not really sure. They always look a little caught off-guard when I ask what my numbers are. Still.

Glad for a good NST. Let's just keep things boring okay? No excitement at all. No need to go to the prom.