Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work Shower, Hospital Tour, Latest US Pics - Oh My!

On Thursday 1/10/08 the ladies at the office threw us a baby shower. Both my old team and hubby's current team went together on one shower.

I'll be honest, I was so worried that my old teamates would have better things to do than come to a shower for us. I was kinda feeling like they would consider the baby and I to be "old news" since I no longer work there.

There was not only a great turnout, but also everyone was so excited to see how big I'd gotten since Thanksgiving. :) At one point people were actually forming a line to get a chance to talk to me. It felt so amazing to know that people really care about me and the baby. They really, really do. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Several people asked that I add them to our "call list" for the announcement email. They all want me to bring the baby to the office ASAP too. :) So sweet!

We got the most important 3 things - the car seat, a 2nd car seat base, and 2 Ultimate Crib Sheets (thanks S&S, so much!!).

If you haven't heard about that last item, listen up! The Ultimate Crib Sheet sheet snaps over top of your normal "cute" crib sheets.

According to my baby-wise friends, with the Ultimate Crib Sheet you simply pick up baby, change them, snaps off the UCS... Then you snap on another UCS... Job done, put that baby back to bed. Note: some people actually put 2 UCS on the bed, but the manufacturer does not recommend this - too much padding can be a SIDS risk.

Bonus - you can't see the UCS when you look at the crib from the side - so the crib stays cute, and so does that expensive cute sheet. The baby lays on the UCS, not the cute sheet, so you don't have to wash/fade the cute one.

So, after the 1st time you are awoken at 3 AM by a baby screaming because they are wet, their clothes are wet, the crib sheet is wet, the mattress pad is wet and you are cussing how tightly the mattress fits because you just.cannot.lift.it to put the new pad and sheet on - you will remember this post and thank me/my friends for coming to your rescue. :)

Commercial over, back to our regularly scheduled program...

Later Thursday night we went on the Gigantic Hospital Tour. Everything seemed to be nice and new - huge labor/delivery rooms - and lots of basic info about where to sign in, protocols for basic needs, and lots of reassurance that the baby will be with Mom/Dad as much or as little as we want. They can take care of everything we'll be needing, it seems.

HOWEVER, and there is always a however, there are lots of "rules" and "protocols" that are just standard policy. The answer to just about every question ends up being "all the hospitals do x and so do we x" or "that is our policy/protocol". Oh boy... Not a good way to get my confidence up... I don't like it when people do things just because that is how they've always done them. This is such a HUGE place though, that I imagine they have to have policies/procedures/rules for just about everything or nothing would get done.

So, I'll plan to argue and refuse alot... I'll also expect to provide LOTS of treats for the nurses... Nurses please feel free to suggest your favorite bribes, I mean treats, to recieve from ornery patients!!!! :)

OK, I'll shut up now - I know you are really here to see the star of our show!

I gotta say, I am in love with my baby's already fat cheeks! Everytime I look at our latest US pics I get all giggly excited. It is just so surreal - this little cutie is hanging out in my tummy, just waiting to make it's big entrance!

30 Wks 3 days, weight est at 4.2 lbs - Ooooh, look at those fat cheeks!!!!!


Stacie said...

The fat cheeks are so sweet. I love them, too--especially now that the boys have some themselves! And the baby is so big! Wow.

I am glad that you had a great time at your shower. It is nice to know that people really care, isn't it? And they do...the big turn out tells you that!

You may have convinced me to get the ucs myself!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!! We don't commonly have ultrasounds this late in preg where I am from unless it's for a specified medical reason, so it is interesting to see this (as am about the same stage as you.)
Hospital tours can be reassuring, I found mine was- I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't the relaxed atmosphere I found :)
Good luck to you and I bet bub keeps growing cuter and cuter! :)

Gemini Girl said...

when will we see a pic of you and that beautiful belly?

MrsSpock said...

OK, going to have to add UCS to the registry...

As far as treats...hmmm..we always love cookies, brownies, chocolate...I'm actually planning on getting my unit Panera bagels and cream cheese with Starbucks coffee when I have the Peanut, since my coworkers were so great about covering my patients and supporting me during treatments...