Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One year ago tonight, about 15 mins from now, I was getting ready for bed - I had an early wakeup time coming! I was nervous, and quite sure that I was not going to like the outcome of the next day's events... Instead of being broken hearted once again, a year later, I am blessed with a beautiful 3 month old baby boy and a whole different life.

I am coming to understand how quickly life changes. Just when you think you know how it is going to go you find out you were completely wrong. Life is so full of twists and turns. Simply. Amazing.

I am so glad I blogged about those days leading up to retrieval. I can barely remember now how scared I was, and I had forgotten about my Retail Therapy appointment with my best friend the day before. It is amazing to me to read the stories and remember that the IV was my biggest fear about the retrieval process! So silly. I should have been worried that the procedure would work and I would have my life turned upside down in a matter of months! :) Just kidding (sort of)!

Then there is the post after my retrieval - one year ago tomorrow, June 18, 2007. My excitement is palpable as I report that we retrieved "12 eggs". And just think, my little Jim is one of those eggs. He was conceived one year ago tomorrow. Wow. I mean really. Isn't that mind blowing?

I just want to make sure all of you know that I appreciate every comment of support and acceptance I've received on this blog. Not just because you kept me sane, but also because you kept me posting. I have an irreplaceable treasure trove of memories of my struggle to bring my son to my waiting arms.

Thank you for caring enough to stick with me.

I was talking with a good friend tonight, who is very bummed that she hasn't found "Mr. Right", so she isn't on the track to have babies. I was able to relate to her our Embryoversary was tomorrow. I asked her not to count herself out just yet. A year can change so much. I pray it gave her a shimmer of hope.

I also pray that my story has helped add a shimmer of hope to those of you still waiting. I know it is hard to hold on to hope, but look what can happen in just one year.


MrsSpock said...

Happy Embryoversary, Little Jim!

Sweet Georgia said...

Thanks for your post today, it was exactly what I needed to read since I've been having a tough time finding my hope lately.

Happy Embryoversary!

Gemini Girl said...

wow has it been a year? I remember it like it was yesterday! congrats!