Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Ruuuuuumble!!!!

Well folks, I start my new job tomorrow!!! OH MY, did she say job? Yep, a job. For me.

Jim starts DAYCARE tomorrow!!! OH MY, did she say daycare? Yep, daycare. For Jim.


I have his bags all packed. You'd think he was going on African safari or something so demanding. Geesh! Do you know they don't give you a "needed supplies" list for your first day of daycare? Well, so I just made it up...

  • Bottles - pre-mixed and refrigerated.
  • Pre-made extra bottles - you need the non-refrig kind, so you can leave it there all the time, because they won't make up formula for him.
  • Diapers - no idea how many, so I chose a nice round 10 for his 1st day.
  • Change of clothes - I'm starting with 1, but will ask for suggestions on this.
  • Wipes - I don't think they provide them, but some places do.
  • Blankets - I'm starting with 1 - I think they provide these.
What am I missing? Hmmm... I'll find out tomorrow, I'm sure.

Bo and I are both going to drop him off tomorrow. No, we aren't paranoid helicopter parents - it is just that Bo hasn't been there before. So, it seemed kinda cruel to send him by himself. Also, we both need to get specifics on what to do when, etc. I hope to be in there and out in 30 mins, but who knows. I'm leaving extra time for crying and such. :)

In other news - my baby is starting to sound less and less like a baby! His voice is starting to periodically drop away from cute coooos to big-boy grunts and gafaws.

I'm so not ready for this - he's growing up already! I swear, just 8 wks ago you could not have convinced me he'd ever grow up. Now, he's not so little, he's not so blob-ish, and he's learning new big-boy tricks every day. Simply amazing.

I can't imagine how fast the time is going to fly now that I'm going to be gone from him for 10 hrs a day. I'm guessing the time will just fly, and he'll be 10 before I know what hit me. :(

OOOOOH, I visited the RE on Friday! No, not to start treatments! Whew! I took Jim to visit and to get his footprint put on their "wall of fame". They decided recently that their "office artwork" (the kind you buy reeeeally cheap) had to go. So, they got some huge canvases and started recording their little ones hands and feet for posterity. It is really sweet.

They did knock me for a loop though, when they said I could come back in as little as 2 months to try for kid #2. Wha? Really? C-section and all? Yep, them's the rules! OMG! No way!

So, Bo and I have decided to look at the calendar and see when we might want to try the one remaining embie we have in the freezer. We realize that it might not even thaw, but it is to be our last shot at being pregnant. We decided we did not want to do IVF again. We reserve the right to change our minds, of course.


Samantha said...

Good luck with work and daycare today!

JJ said...

Thinking of you today with the new adventures, and the planning of another cycle-very exciting!

MrsSpock said...

Geez, time really flies! I am so with you on the not wanting to plan anything yet this close post c-section- surgery sucks!

Kate said...

I hope everything goes well!

Monica said...

Hope Jim has a wonderful first day and hope you do too. Good luck!

gabrielle said...

wowsers! I feel like it was only yesterday that you were my PIO hero. And now daycare!! Good luck - to you and to Jim.

Stacie said...

Geez! Close my eyes for a second and everything changes!

First off, is going back to work a good thing for you? I know it is hard to leave the baby, but is it something that you want to do or have to do? (we're on a have to basis over here)

Second off, I hope it all goes well for everyone.

Thirdly, holy crap. In two months! Wow. I am pulling for your little frosty already!