Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jim 3 Months, Wk 4

Wow, the time seems to be flying these days! Jim is coming up with new things every day it seems.

Jim has been going to daycare for 3 weeks. He seems to be doing OK with it, and his daily reports say he's content and happy most of the time. I know, this is subject to change. :)

He's doing so many new things this month...

Visiting with Grandparents out of town - for a whole week!!! He started crying when we drove away - does that tell you anything about how it went?

Blowing bubbles - talk about needing a bib! This boy needs and all-day bib! Yikes.

Reaching started last month, but now? NOW he actually moves his whole body towards what he's interested in! Sometimes it is as simple as him leaning over to bring his mouth closer to a tasty bit. Other times he will actually scoot himself (on his back) towards an object of desire. He doesn't go very far very fast, but he's certainly motivated and somewhat mobile. Double-yikes!

Lets see... What else.... Oh Yeah!!!!

On Father's Day weekend....

HE STARTED ASKING FOR A BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No joke.

When Jim is hungry now he'll say "MMmmmm... MMMMMmmmm... Ma ma mu mah.... mmmmmmmmm.... MMMmmmmmm...." until he gets what he wants. It is so amazingly wonderful for him to be clear about what's making him cranky! I love hearing the part where he sounds like he's saying Mama, but I'm greedy that way. LOL.

Oh, and better yet, when he's already eaten and he starts the "MMMmmmm" I know that he has gas or his tummy hurts. Babies often think they are hungry when their tummies hurt. Of course, feeding them simply results in spitup. Blech.

Three days ago he started laughing out loud. A real laugh. A belly laugh! It is so wonderful to hear him laugh. He is a total joy to behold!

Jim is ALMOST rolling over. Last night I was watching him on the monitor and saw him almost flip over in the bed. He hates to be on his tummy. So, I'm not sure what happens if he launches himself onto his face in the middle of the night. I'm expecting some crying.

Yesterday I was holding him in my lap after dinner, he was laying streched out. Well, he decided he wanted to sit up, so he did! He brought himself 75% of the way from laying down to sitting up before I figured out what the heck was going on. It was pretty amazing! Of course, I helped him the rest of the way and cheered him on.

He's found his feet! He only plays with his feet in his crib (guess he's got to be really bored or something). It is really cute to watch him tickle his own toes. :)

He's found his VOICE. His "baby voice" seems to be gone alltogether, which makes me sad. I wish I had captured more of his baby sounds on film. However, he uses his new "big boy voice" all the time! He sits and chews on his hands while squeaking and humming to himself. he seems to be making noise simply to be making noise. IT WAS cute, now it is getting tiresome. Luckily it seems to be a mostly nightime thing.

Well, as you can see, lots has happened this month. There is LOTS of cheering going on daily. He's grown so much. Go Jim! Go Jim! Rah rah rah!

He's such a sweet baby boy. I doubt you could fault me for being one happy Momma right now. :)


Samantha said...

He's definitely getting to be a big boy!

MrsSpock said...

I think it's hilarious that he can say MMMmmmmm for hungry...

ME Gregory said...

that is so cute! When Lila has a hungry cry it sounds exactly like Now, Now, Now - it is so funny and I know she's ready for the boobies - because if she's messy and needs a diaper change, it is a much different cry and she shrieks more than cries. Love to see all the progress Jim is making - all fun things I have to look forward to as Lila is only 7 weeks. Congrats again! Post some pictures too when you get time, it's great to see them. Also, I do have a private blog and if you would like to read it - feel free to email me megregory at welcomehomeredesign dot com. (I've commented before, but just to remind you I'm a friend of Stacie's). Meme

Sticky Bun said...

So fun--sounds like everything is going great. I can't believe he's asking for his bottle. I'm terribly impressed. :-)

Topcat said...

Oh what a beautiful post .... and how clever is he! Asking for his bottle - he'll be asking for the keys to the car soon! ;)