Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 Months Old

It's so amazing that Jim has come so far so fast... How is it that a week just FLIES by now? Up until last week the days just dragged and now they go by in a flash!

This past week he learned to grab items he's interested in. Then he graduated to sticking them in his mouth. Frankly, I think it never occurred to him that he could taste the world... So, I started sticking stuff in his mouth and he was off to the races! This boy went from no interest in toys to gotta have it in less than 3 days!

Oh, and this morning I found him turning the upper half of his body to his left, very far to his left. It scares me that he might soon roll over. It only scares me because he still cannot lift his head. He tried to suffocate on his Bop.py pillow last week, so I'm not excited about this new development.

He got his face down in the stuffing and got too tired (starved of O2) and started drifting off. Scared me silly! So, I've talked with hubby and made sure he understands - Jim is not to have any tummy time without supervision until he can hold his head up VERY well.

I think he's going through another growth spurt too. Yesterday he drank about double his normal intake. Today he is sleeping - all day so far - and it's Noon.

I need to find someone to get hand-me-downs from. My baby is almost out of his 6 mo onesies. Yikes!

Oh, and not to jinx myself, but he has started sleeping 7 1/2 to 8 hrs per night on a regular basis!!!! Woooo Hooo! Now, if I could just get myself to bed when he goes to bed we'd be golden.

Well, can't think of anything else to tell at the moment. Think I'll go see what I can get into here at the house, since baby is asleep!


Kate said...

How funny! Luke just started doing all of those things, too! He loves being in his bouncy seat with his links in front of him to grab.

Stacie said...

sleeping through the night? Totally jealous! Jim is getting to be such a big boy, too. Time just flies by...

Topcat said...

Mate you have GOT to be happy about sleeping through! Total bliss!

Just caught your posts below ... Jim is divine! Such a little cutie pie.

Thank you so much for your support Dawn. xox

Cece said...

Sounds like a wonderful baby! Hurrah for good sleepers!

Samantha said...

Sleeping through the night must be wonderful!