Friday, May 2, 2008

A Major Milestone Acheived - Parents Relieved

Bo and I just returned from a 5 day jaunt to D.C. to see Jim's Grandpa.

For those of you "old timers" to my world I've talked about Bo's family situation before, but here's a quick refresher: Bo is the oldest of 3 boys. Jim is the first and only grandchild on Bo's side of the family, also Grandpa's namesake. Grandpa is 82 years old and not in great health. Grandma, sadly has already passed from this life.

The last month of oxygen treatments for Jim has been nerve-wracking, but in addition we've been holding our collective breath that Grandpa would live to see Jim. So, my apologies for not posting Jim's sleep study results quickly, but as SOON as we got Jim's sleep study results on Friday we piled in the car for a 2-day 10 hour car trip (that's one way folks)!

Jim had never met Grandpa before, as neither Jim nor Grandpa could travel. Yes, we had sent pictures, and boy is that Grandpa ever proud, but he so wanted to hold him. It was a sweet and joyful meeting. Both Jim and Grandpa had a good time - staring at each other, opening and playing with a sliver rattle, taking naps, and generally hanging out. Jim was an ANGEL too!!!! In 3 days of visiting he cried 1 time - and it was to get his poo diaper changed!

Just for the record, I have been declared "a good Mom", and it feels good. :) Frankly, I was afraid Grandpa's old fashioned thoughts on how Mom should behave would be an issue. I seem to have passed muster though, and I'm very glad. I wouldn't want Grandpa to worry about his little man.

Folks, this is one milestone I am terribly glad we achieved, for everyone's sake.

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Kate said...

That is so special! We've been introducing Luke to older family members and I am always thinking about how he will treasure the pictures later in his life.