Friday, May 16, 2008

2 Month Checkup - With Shots, Oh my.

We had our 2 month checkup today! The consensus is that I have a BIG boy...

He weighed 15 lbs (off the percentile chart), was 23 1/2 inches long (75 percentile), and has a 16 1/2 inch head (95 percentile). So, he is a well proportioned, but still.

I was just a little frustrated with the nurse practitioner who reviewed his impressive stats and started describing methods of delaying his meals. I told her that I am doing all in my power to delay and/or reduce his milk consumption. I hold him to a pretty strict 3 hr minimum time limit between feedings. He is welcome to go longer than that, but it really doesn't happen other than at night.

I explained to her that I WOULD feed him on demand, but I swear this boy would eat 5 oz every 45 mins if I would let him. Really. Really, really. I've seen him do it. I use distraction tactics like the playmat, dancing, walking, singing. If that doesn't work he gets milky water if he HAS to have something before 3 hrs.

I also hold him to 5 or 6 oz max, again I use water to supplement if he is still hungry. I know it might sound like I'm not doing right by him, but he is getting the maximum number of recommended oz of formula with what he already eats. It would be unhealthy for me to give him much more, so I have to try to curb him just a little bit.

By the end of our discussion the NP agreed that it appeared I was doing the right things for him and to keep it up. :) She actually commented that I was very lucky to have this particular problem because it is worse for those who deal with a kid that will not eat. I told her I was pretty familiar with that issue too, as my friends (some of you guys) have been down that road.

We also did his 1st shots today... They wanted to give him 6 vaccines in total (3 shots and 1 oral vaccine). I told the NP that was just too many vaccines in my opinion. I asked to spread them out, so we did the 1 combo DTaP and the oral vaccine. I take him back next Tues to get the other two shots.

The NP kept trying to tell me "it is really very safe" in order to get me to do all of the shots today. To which I told her, quite firmly, that I figure it this way - I do no harm by spreading out the vaccines, but if I combine them and it turns out it isn't actually safe I may cause irreparable harm. I would much rather do no harm and have a 2nd office visit.


Kate said...

Good for you with the shots! Six is too many. I was glad to find out that my Doc won't gove more than 4 at a time.

ultimatejourney said...

It shouldn't surprise me given our babies are a day apart in age, but it's so funny to read about everything Jim is up to because A does so much of the same stuff (especially the tongue game!)

Good for you for standing your ground with the vaccinations.